Overjoyed Dog Gives Navy Dad a Heartwarming Welcome Home (VIDEO)

Man and DogThere's absolutely nothing more exciting than a military man arriving back home from a long deployment away. Sure, it's exciting for families and friends to have their loved one back in their arms -- but we can't forget how exciting it is for our furry friends, too! There's no doubting that while their owners are away, pets miss their owners a helluva lot.

Take this one 12-month-old German Shepherd, Teddy, for example. Teddy's owner, a British Navy sailor, arrived back from a deployment, and he literally went bananas seeing him back for the first time. And hey, can you blame the cutie? His dad's back home!

Watch the adorable reunion between father and dog, here:


How cute is this?


Image via TheMaisiewoofwoof/YouTube

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