Flight Attendant Accused of Hiding Rats in Her Underwear Shows How Crazy Pet Owners Can Be

ratAs amazing and wonderful as pets can be, you have to admit their owners can be a little bit crazy sometimes. Take American Airlines flight attendant Louann Giambattista, who has been accused of hiding her pet rats in underwear and pantyhose in order to take them to work with her -- aboard airplanes.

According to the New York Post, it was her co-workers who ratted her out.  A pilot says he saw "a bulge in (her) pocket" and "what he thought was a live pet." Another flight attendant says she thought she saw Giambattista, 55, feeding her pet rats during a flight from St. Martin to Miami.

The veteran flight attendant denies the allegations, calling them "absurd" and "patently false" and is suing the airline for "debilitating anxiety" and post-traumatic stress disorder. She says none of it is true, and her attorney claims that they're "making her out to be a nut."


Whether this case is true or false is up for the courts to decide at point, but the fact is there are plenty of other pet nuts out there that don't make this case that difficult to believe.

While my household only has a single beta fish at the current time, I understand the devotion people have to their pets. They're like part of the family, and they add so much to people's lives. They are NOT, however, people. And when people treat them as such, it's freaky.

From the people who push their dogs around in strollers and just look ridiculous, to those who insist on bringing them everywhere with them, dress like humans, and feed them from the table at dinner parties (Ahem, Lisa Vanderpump) there's a line that shouldn't be crossed. Bringing your rats to work definitely crosses it.

A study by Kelton Research a few years back found some freaky facts about pet owners, such as:

  • 58% call themselves their pets' "mommy" or "daddy."
  • •77% buy pets birthday gifts.
  • •More than half say they talk about pets more than politics or sex.

I suppose it's people's prerogative if they want to treat pets like this, but it doesn't make them any less scary to the rest of us. Of course, maybe that's just because I can't think of anything to buy my fish.

What crazy things have you seen pet owners do? Or what crazy things do you do as a pet owner?


Image via Angus MacAskill/Flickr

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