Couple Says Woman Kidnapped and Neutered Their Prized Dog & Won't Give Him Back

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samoyedYou know those stories that make you say, "What the hell is wrong with people?" This is one of them. A couple from New York hired a dog sitter to watch their Samoyed, named Justin, last February, and now they are suing this woman, Beverly Jeffries, for dognapping and neutering the pooch without their permission. The show dog was worth $250,000 because of his amazing breeding genes, but if he's been fixed, his value is about $100,000 less.

The couple did sign over temporary custody of Justin when they hired her, but somehow I'm guessing that neutering the dog in April wasn't part of the contract -- hence the lawsuit.

And did I mention that Jeffries is also supposedly refusing to return the dog? Yep, she may have had him snipped against his owners' will and also now presumably thinks he's hers.

The couple is, of course, distraught and wants their beloved pet back -- which is why I can't understand why they aren't calling the police, or pressing charges, or banging down her door and taking back the dog that is rightfully theirs.

If someone took your dog, wouldn't you do everything in your power to get him back? Something seems a little fishy here, doesn't it?

Their poor dog is living with a woman they're accusing of taking away his doggy-hood. Instead of demanding that he be returned, they're suing Jeffries for $350,000, citing promissory fraud, breach of contract, and intentional infliction of severe emotional distress.

Sigh. I know this pup is worth a lotta cash, but it just seems sad that this case is coming down to money instead of what is right and best for the dog. If this Jeffries lady has half a heart, she'll send him back to his rightful owners where he belongs. And even though the owners reportedly asked for Justin to be returned to them time and time again, if they don't fight a little harder, it's tough not to question their motives for why they want him back in the first place.

What do you make of this case? Would you fight tooth and nail to get your dog back?


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LostS... LostSoul88

There has so be much more to the case. 

mande... manderspanders

I'm guessing that they are suing for lost stud fees... and who knows if they even *want* the dog if they can't breed him. 

Registered breeders do produce some really beautiful dogs and cats...but it always seems to me that they are ONLY prized for their ability to win at shows and bring in money.... after they have moved past their prime, they may be very mistreated.  I had a friend whose parent's bred Maine Coons (cats)... their best cat, the highest winning ending up just roaming around the house pulling out his fur and largely being ignored after he was past his prime.

Nelli... NellieAthome

What the @#$@# would you have the do? Call the police about a dog and you are told it is a civil matter, the police will not interfere - particularly since they signed over  temp custody to the woman. Suing for money to try and force the dog's return is about the only legal option they have open to them.

insei... inseineangel

Nellie, you are totally correct. I've been in a similar situation in the past, and the police will tell you there is nothing they can do, it's a civil matter, etc. etc. It pretty much comes down to two options... either you go and take the animal by force, which will most likely end with YOU being int trouble with the police, or you go the route this couple is going, and sue. You may not win the money, but if you've got enough proof to prove that the animal in question is truly yours, the judge will usually order the return of the animal to the original owners. Unless there are extreme circumstances such as abuse. 

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