10 Awesome Military Care Packages That Any Soldier Would Love (PHOTOS)

care packageWhen you love someone who is on a military deployment, things get rough. Missing them day in and day out, you wait by the phone hoping they'll call and long for the afternoons when a slightly-frazzled email hits your inbox so you can read it over and over again. Whether you're a military spouse, girlfriend, family member, or friend -- sometimes the easiest way to cope with that feeling of missing someone you love is to channel your energy elsewhere. A great way to harness that energy? Making care packages, of course!

Putting together care packages can be fun for everyone involved, and putting a smile on your serviceman or woman's face puts a smile on your face, too. For some inspiration, check out these 10 awesome military care packages that any soldier would love:


What are some things you usually send in a care package? Do you decorate the boxes, too?