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10 Awesome Military Care Packages That Any Soldier Would Love (PHOTOS)

care packageWhen you love someone who is on a military deployment, things get rough. Missing them day in and day out, you wait by the phone hoping they'll call and long for the afternoons when a slightly-frazzled email hits your inbox so you can read it over and over again. Whether you're a military spouse, girlfriend, family member, or friend -- sometimes the easiest way to cope with that feeling of missing someone you love is to channel your energy elsewhere. A great way to harness that energy? Making care packages, of course!

Putting together care packages can be fun for everyone involved, and putting a smile on your serviceman or woman's face puts a smile on your face, too. For some inspiration, check out these 10 awesome military care packages that any soldier would love:

What are some things you usually send in a care package? Do you decorate the boxes, too?


Image via katieomy_09/Instagram


1Fourth of July Fun

America, for the win! These are some intense decorating skills! All that's missing is some tri-color red, white, and blue cookies.

Image via aliciathebossbrown/Instagram


2Independence Day Treats

Mouth. Watering. Need. Treats.

Image via ashtynkaylee/Instagram


3Young Love

The box isn't even filled yet, and still, this care package is fantastic. You know this is something he's going to keep the entire time he's deployed near his bed.


Image via ashhegan/Instagram

4Junk Food Heaven

Looks like Dad is going to be the lucky recipient of some junk food. Clearly, his caring kiddos know what he's really missing in Afghanistan.

Image via lyndi_lee/Instagram


5Cookie Heaven!

Holy cookie overload! This boyfriend is a lucky guy to have a girl who loves to bake back at home. So are his friends, I'm sure.

Image via shanaybay/Instagram


6Spot the Watch

The decorations are cute and the candy looks delish, but see that Nike sports watch in there? Something tells me he's gonna love that! 

Image via duh_niseeee/Instagram


7A Piece of Texas

This care package creator deems this the ultimate gift for a soldier missing Texas while in Afghanistan. Heck, I'd appreciate that package up here in New York, too!


Image via mandiloyd/Instagram


8One Lucky Dad

That absolutely adorable picture of his son in the corner ... totally priceless!


Image via brandigiirl/Instagram

9Family Photos

Anyone would smile opening up a box and seeing those three pictures of that adorable little boy and his plaid shirt. This is one military mom who knows how to decorate!


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