Dog Buries Dead Puppy in Incredibly Moving Act of Love (VIDEO)

dog buries puppyA viral video shows a dog burying a puppy after finding it dead in a ditch. Using only his snout, the bigger dog puts dirt over the baby in an act so loving, it will make your heart burst. Most humans aren't even capable of so much care.

We all know that dogs are better than humans in many significant ways. They love us and we love them with very little shame. They are our companions and we adore them for all that they do and are to us, but how many of us know that they aren't just "animals"? It's easy to forget in the annoying moments.

My dog pees on the floor sometimes and leaves hair all over the house. He gets ticks and he barks too much, but you know what? I still adore him. Here's why:


This is the kind of video that makes you remember the good in the world and all the love that still exists. He may be just a dog, but he has more compassion and empathy than most human beings.

I will hug my own dog a little tighter tonight.

What do you think of this video?


Image via YouTube

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