5 Terrifying Plants That Will Make You Afraid to Set Foot in Your Own Garden (PHOTOS)

bleeding tooth fungusI'm not much of a plant person. I love how they look and hate artificial ones, so I attempt to keep a couple alive in my home, but beyond that, it's all up to our yard care service.

While I love the thought of tending to rose bushes and grooming a garden, the fact is I think it would be mind-numbingly boring. I mean plants are pretty, but they're not all that entertaining ... or so I thought. Then I read about one that actually eats sheep and, upon further digging, found there are a host of truly freaky plants growing among us. Plants that I don't necessarily want to grow myself, but they do up their species' excitement credibility. Here are five of the freakiest plants you've ever seen.

What's the freakiest plant you've ever seen?


Image via Jason Hollinger/Flickr

  • Doll's Eye


    Image via benet2006/Flickr

    In addition to its creepy look, this one is also highly poisonous, so it can kill you too. Good thing no one in their right mind would want to eat one of those things!

  • Sheep Eating Plant


    Image via Dick Culbert/Flickr

    This plant, officially named the Pya chilensis, actually kills and eats sheep. It grows in Chile, but the Glasshouse at the Royal Horticultural Society in London has one on display that just bloomed for the first time since it started growing 15 years ago.

  • Buddha's Hand


    Image via Kalina Wilson/Flickr

    This citrus fruit is almost as cool as it is creepy -- especially if you use it to infuse vodka (see picture). But if I was caught alone with it somewhere, I'd definitely say creepy.

  • Venus Flytrap


    Image via David Hill/Flickr

    Carnivorous plants -- shudder. Let's hope they never breed with the sheep-eating plant.

  • Bleeding Tooth Fungus


    Image via Jason Hollinger/Flickr

    This plant looks just like it sounds. While not poisonous, I can't imagine anyone wanting to eat one anyway. The red fades as the plants age, and they become brown, but the young ones are nightmare inducing.

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