5 Most Outrageous Things People Do in Public

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  • Floss Their Teeth


    Image via rachel a. k./Flickr

    I'm definitely a supporter of dental hygiene ... but in the privacy of your bathroom. PLEASE!

  • Clip Their Nails


    Image via Ruth_W/Flickr

    Yes, I've seen a woman literally give herself a full-on manicure -- nail clippings everywhere.


  • Pluck Their Chin Hair


    Image via KYP/Flickr

    No better way to start your morning than being covered in someone else's chin hair.

  • Pick Their Nose


    Image via WilliamHartz/Flickr

    You can pick your friends, you can pick your friend's nose, but you shouldn't pick your own nose in public. Period.

  • Snore


    I understand it's normal to get a little sleepy from time to time, but if you know that you snore at fog-horn level, maybe you shouldn't allow yourself to doze off in public. Just a thought.