6 Easy to Grow Cutting Flowers to Plant Right Now

Michele Zipp | Jun 17, 2013 Home & Garden

lilyHaving gorgeous flowers growing in your garden makes the outdoors even more beautiful, but being able to cut those flowers and bring them inside ... even better. If you want some of your own fresh flowers for your vase or to decorate the house for a party, check out these 6 beauties that are perfect for cutting. You can plant them right now for a summer of fresh blooms.


Image via Liz West/Flickr

  • Lily


    Image via Wendy Cutler/Flickr

    With its soft scent, the lily is a great perennial that comes in a variety of colors and looks. Beautiful in a vase or in the garden.

  • Purple Coneflower


    Image via boostersam/Flickr

    The Purple Coneflower is a perennial perfect for cutting that also attracts butterflies. Need any more convincing to plant?

  • Peony


    Image via Alastair Bird/Flickr

    A truly romantic bloom, the perennial peony is elegant and rustic looking at the same time.

  • Bee Balm


    Image via jilpyjoopjoop/Flickr

    Outside, you'll be watching the hummingbirds come to your Bee Balm flowers. Bring inside to beautifully decorate any room.

  • Calendula


    Image via Begona c.g./Flickr

    Freshly picked Calendula is stunning. That gorgeous marigold gives a pop of color to any room.

  • Sunflower


    Image via Tauseef Zafar/Flickr

    A bouquet of sunflowers is the definition of summer. Display these annuals in a tall vase or let float in a low but large bowl of water.

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