Family Goes to Extreme Lengths to Adopt Stray Dog That Photobombed Their Vacation Picture

stray dogsLike people, I believe that there are certain pets that are just meant to be in our lives. For the O'Connor family of Seattle, that's definitely the case with their new dog "Chili Dog".

The story of how he came to be theirs will warm your heart and give you a few chills. According to Life With Dogs, they first met the pup while on vacation. Their cruise ship stopped in Valpariso, Chile, and while taking a family photo, the stray dog popped into their picture. "He jumped at us like saying, 'hello,'" Kaylan O'Connor told the paper. 

The persistent pooch ended up following them around for about eight hours as they toured the city. When it was time to board their cruise ship again, it was time to say goodbye to their new friend, but O'Connor says she was determined they would see him again.


In a part of the world where stray dogs are extremely common, you'd think there would be little to no chance of finding him again. But O'Connor was determined, and once back home, she started searching for someone to help her not only find the dog, but help her bring him home to live with their family.

She connected with an agency there, and though it took volunteers more than a month, they actually found Chili Dog. After arranging for vaccines, other vet care, and air transportation, O'Connor ended up spending about $2,000 on the pooch. That's a lot of money, but the connection to this particular dog was extremely strong, and she said it was "money well spent." So after a 20-hour trip, Chili Dog came home to his new home with the O'Connors, where he joined their two other dogs, Auto and Klaus.

How cool is that? It's such a sweet story, and you know the dog's life is going to be so much better now than as a stray on the street. It's definitely the best case for photobombing I've ever heard.

Have you ever just known a pet was meant to be in your life?


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