Legos Like You've NEVER Seen Them Before (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Jun 14, 2013 Home & Garden

Art of BrickGrowing up, we had a lot of Legos. Whenever we celebrated a birthday or opened a Christmas stocking, they were there just waiting to be erected. Never did I think, though, that you could make a living playing with them. But that's exactly what New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya did with his exhibit "The Art of the Brick."

I had a chance to check out his exhibit here in New York City at Discovery Times Square this week, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Countless sculptures and paintings made entirely of the little bricks blew my mind. And here I was thinking that pirate ship I made back in the fourth grade was really somethin'.

From the Mona Lisa made of Legos to a full-size dinosaur skeleton, you need to check out these 15 unbelievable Lego sculptures you HAVE to see to believe: