Jennifer Aniston Builds 'Luxury' Chicken Coop in Her Backyard Because She's That Rich

Jennifer AnistonDo you know how you know you're super filthy rich? Yes, you know you're super filthy rich when you can buy a $21 million estate in Bel Air, California, and then pour $6 million more into it to add your little finishing touches. You know, like the sun deck on the pool. The guest house that's as big as most people's owner house. The private vineyard, library, vegetable garden, and gym. Yes, if you've got all that, you know you're doing all right. But how do you know that you've scaled rich heights that few filthy rich dare to scale? When you can build your chickens a coop that is larger and more luxurious than most human abodes. That's when you look in the mirror and say, "Why, I must be Jennifer Aniston!"


The sitcom world has been good to Aniston -- so good that she gets to live like an absolute queen in her new gorgeous abode, which she's been renovating for months but is reportedly ready to move into with her fiance, Justin Theroux. The couple may even get married on the gorgeously manicured grounds -- if they get married at all. But that's another story.

But the pride of Jen's 8,500-square-foot manse is her chicken coop. The coop is nestled in the shade of trees and contains plenty of space for the lucky feathered friends to roam freely about. Jennifer has placed the coop a stone's throw from her guest house too, so the chicks are sure to have plenty of opportunity to star gaze -- probably at the likes of Jen pals Courteney Cox, Chelsea Handler, and Bradley Cooper. I think they'll like Bradley the best because of his last name.

I'm sure Jen had a little fun with this planning because, let's face it, roosters -- and presumably there will be a rooster or two -- are not the quietest pets. I suspect some hungover pals might not be too pleased with their morning Cockadoodledoooooo wake-up call.

Jen loves the birds and supposedly told The Globe:

They're very social animals and they like it when you visit them with a cup of coffee in your hand. According to my groundskeeper, they love pasta.

It's wonderful that Jen is so attached to her chicks that she's built them their own little Taj Mahal and bonds with them over lattes, but if I were her feathered pals, I'd be wary. This woman ate a Cobb salad with grilled chicken every day for 10 years straight! Their time in the luxury coop might be limited.

If you were really, really rich, what kind of animal mansion would you build on your property? (Cats for me!)

Image via shahanaj27/Flickr

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