Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Fight Over Their Dogs: Who Should Get to Keep Them?

Kristen Stewart and her dogIt's been a few weeks now since Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke up. Yeah yeah yeah, we're going to be forever reminded of that whenever we watch the Twilight series or see someone faking a smile a la KStew, but no one is thinking about what's really important in the scheme of all this: the dogs. Apparently when Robert Pattinson moved out, he took Bernie and Bear along with him. Kristen misses her dogs and is upset, so much so that she's sought legal advice in an effort to get them back.

Whoa. Kristen is not joking around. I understand her pain; when you're a pet owner, you love your little animal just like you would love a child of your own. After a hard breakup, you're already mourning the end of a relationship, and when pets are involved, you're ALSO possibly losing your furry little companion.

Rob and Kristen need to be smart about this, and I have some "who keeps the pet" guidelines I think that'll help.


1. Who has a better environment for the pet: This is critical. If one person has a huge yard where the animals can play, then this person automatically has a leg up on the battle of the bark. Dogs need space. They also need a good home with comfortable amenities.

2. Who has more time to spend with the pet: For Rob, Kristen, and their busy schedules, this question may be a tough one to answer. However, for us normal folk -- pets need to be played with. They need companionship. If you're going to take the pets, you need to be willing to spend time with them, and it's going to be more time than you're used to because now it's just you and not your co-owner.

3. Who can afford the pet: Pets, and dogs especially, can be a very expensive thing to take on. When my friends throw out the idea of getting one here in New York City, that's ALWAYS the first word of advice I caution them with.

4. Who has been the primary dog caretaker: Pets know what's up. They know you. If you don't really want them, they'll sense it.

5. Who bought the pets: This is the end all, be all. No matter who is closest with the furry little guys, whoever actually purchased the dogs technically has the right to take them away.

Have you ever had to decide who keeps the pets post-breakup?


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