A Bright & Beautiful Bedroom for 2 Brothers & a Baby Sister

Three kids in one room? It can be done -- and quite successfully too. The secret in this shared space from A Bit of Sunshine is to maximize and utilize all available square footage -- and if that means the crib goes in the closet, then that's exactly what you do! Paint that nook a bright color, add some scallop detail and a few more girlish touches, and you're in business.

Here's more about how two brothers made way for baby sister below:


According to mom Rebekah, discovering that the crib fit into the closet space was a major achievement. Everything else just kind of fell into place. 

I'm admiring all the vintage details scattered throughout the room, so many bright colors and unique finds.

You have to fit that changing table where you can, right? Do you think her brothers minded much? I doubt it!

These bold colors work well for a shared space like this one. After all, who said that gender-neutral should be limited to whites and pastels?

With the closet in the room occupied, storage spilled out into the hall. Love how everything is neatly tucked into place. So organized!

What do you think about this room for three? Would your kids be up for a small space challenge like this? I'm so inspired!

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