16 Plants That Are Easy to Grow on the Patio

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Sunflowers look great in boxes or clay pots, and will make any patio feel alive and summery.

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Bring a little bit of the tropics to your outdoor space by growing jasmine. The scent alone is enough to transport you to somewhere far, far away.

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Grown in large pots on your patio, gardenias are clean, classy, and smell great too.

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7Angel's Trumpet

Angel's Trumpet is a stunning flower -- they hang down and can reach up to one foot in length. They're also very heat tolerant, so they'll thrive throughout a hot summer in the sun.

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9Banana Plant

If you have the space for it, nothing will draw attention to your patio quite like a banana "tree". These large and lush plants probably won't give you fruit, but they love the heat and sunlight and are perfect for backyards.

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A favorite of butterflies, lantana's multicolored blossoms will add a gorgeous pop of color to whatever space they're given.

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Mandevilla is a flowering vine, so it'll need something to climb. But if you have that, then it's well worth the space and effort -- the trumpet-shaped flowers bloom in beautiful shades of red, white, and pink.

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If you need something to fill in space fast, plumbago is probably the plant for you -- this gorgeous periwinkle bloom grows quickly and is drought- and heat-tolerant, so it'll stick around all summer long. It is poisonous, though, so maybe not the best choice for moms with toddlers who like to stick everything in their mouth.

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Sweet and star-shaped, pentas are the perfect summer flower. They love the heat almost as much as butterflies love them, so they'll flourish all season long.

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Solanum is often sold to be a patio tree, and it flourishes in containers. It's low maintenance and gorgeous even when the flowers aren't in bloom.

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15Tropical Milkweed

Monarch butterflies love tropical milkweed, so with this in your backyard you'll get the colorful blooms and the colorful butterflies. 

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16Sweet Bay Leaf Tree

A sweet bay leaf tree can grow to be a good size tree, but with some training and shearing it will also live happily in a patio pot. The leaves are the same ones used in soups and stews, so it's handy to have around the grill or kitchen.

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