16 Plants That Are Easy to Grow on the Patio

Mary Hawkins | Jun 12, 2013 Home & Garden
16 Plants That Are Easy to Grow on the Patio
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Good weather means it's time to get outside and enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer, and of course, it's the ideal time to get hands dirty and have a little gardening fun. Of course, if one doesn't have a large yard or green space outside the house, having an array of live plants and flowers can be kind of a challenge, to say the least. But believe it or not, there are actually some great plants that will grow just fine on the patio, so anyone can enjoy somewhat of a lush outdoor space even if it happens to be pretty compact.

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Plants make any outdoor space more magical. They have been shown to improve human quality of life, regenerate oxygen into the air, and most importantly -- they just look nice. There is something magical about a forest of one's own making. From the deep green leaves of the common houseplant to the vibrancy of flowers, and maybe even a homegrown tomato plant or two, plants add a little magic to any home lacking in outdoor space. They are also super easy to plant and take care of, even for those who believe they could kill anything green. Take a look at these photos to see 16 different plants that are perfect to grow on a patio.

From herbs to bamboo, we've got it all covered. Let us know which ones are destined to become faves for the family.

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