Camping Gear That's All About Comfort for Moms

Camping Gear That's All About Comfort for Moms

napsackI'll admit, I am not the best sport when it comes to camping. Maybe it's because every damn time I've ever gone camping on the East Coast it's rained. EVERY TIME. When I was a little girl in Colorado, camping was an adventure. Not I feel like it's all about getting up close and personal with cold mud, my freezing hands turning numb while I lash the tent, grit in all my meals. Remind me why we go camping again, someone?

Now I've got a little boy who wants to go camping. "What is this CAMPING, mother? May we embark on this camping of which I have heard so much?" Okay, he doesn't really talk like that. But if we are ever to try camping again it had better be a hell of a lot more comfortable than I remember. And so, I'm checking out gear that's all about comfort.


  • 10 Camping Must-Haves for Moms

  • Poler Napsack


    The napsack: It's a sleeping bag you can walk around in! Now you don't have to leave your cozy sleeping bag to get up and start breakfast. Just take it out with you. Sure, you may end up setting yourself on fire, but at least you'll be warm.

  • Spot Headlamp


    A spot headlamp -- because sometimes you need to find something in the dark, and you need both of your hands. Also, I'm almost positive wearing one of these makes you look like a cyclops, which scares off both bears and vampires.

  • Solar Camp Shower


    Oh Mah Gah, a warmish shower when I'm camping? Am I dreaming? No, it is the sun. Check out the solar camp shower.

  • French Press Coffee Mug


    A French press travel mug, because coffee. That's why.

  • Mosquito Head Net


    Forget camping. I'm wearing this mosquito head net all summer long every single day everywhere.

  • Indoor-Outdoor Rug


    I have a friend who would line her tent with antique Persian rugs -- so Lawrence of Arabia luxurious. For those of us who don't have stacks of rugs we can just drag out into the wilderness with us there's these indoor-outdoor rugs made from recycled bottles and packaging materials. Lay them out by the fire or inside your tent.

  • Portable Sink


    I love this -- a portable sink! You can put hot water in it.

  • Camp Recliner


    Do you want a camp chair, or do you want a comfortable camp chair? If you have to haul that thing out of the car and beside the fire, it might as well be super comfy: The camp recliner.

  • Therm-a-Rest Dreamtime Mattress


    Let's talk about sleeping comfort. Wake up with a bruised body from rolling over rocks, or wake up refreshed from your night on the Dream Mattress? It keeps you warm, too.

  • Lady Pee Director



    Ever go camping with a guy who goes, "Psst, I gotta go talk to a man about a horse..." and he wanders off to wee in some trees? And you're like great, I too would like to speak with someone about horses (cough) but I actually have to pull down my pants and sit down with sage brush poking my bum. So unfair, nature! But wait, there is justice in the world: The Sani-Fem Freshette Feminine Urinary Director lets you wee standing up like the menfolk. Think they could've given it a better name, though? Lean in, ladies.

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