Camping Gear That's All About Comfort for Moms

napsackI'll admit, I am not the best sport when it comes to camping. Maybe it's because every damn time I've ever gone camping on the East Coast it's rained. EVERY TIME. When I was a little girl in Colorado, camping was an adventure. Not I feel like it's all about getting up close and personal with cold mud, my freezing hands turning numb while I lash the tent, grit in all my meals. Remind me why we go camping again, someone?

Now I've got a little boy who wants to go camping. "What is this CAMPING, mother? May we embark on this camping of which I have heard so much?" Okay, he doesn't really talk like that. But if we are ever to try camping again it had better be a hell of a lot more comfortable than I remember. And so, I'm checking out gear that's all about comfort.



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