Couple Fights Heartbreaking Battle to Keep Pet Deer From Being Taken Away & Put to Sleep (VIDEO)


What I'm about to tell you will probably make you a little bit sick to your stomach. A couple in Michigan might have their pet deer taken away from them -- a deer they've had since she was just a baby.

Five years ago, her mother was hit by a car in front of the couple's home, and she went into labor and gave birth to two fawns. One died, and then the couple took the surviving fawn into their home, nursed her back to health, named her "Lilly," and essentially adopted her into their family as a beloved pet.

And everything was fine and dandy, until a guest at a neighbor's house reported Lilly to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. And now they are threatening to take the poor deer away -- and they will put her down if she doesn't successfully rehabilitate.


Is this the saddest thing you've ever heard?

Let me reiterate that this couple has had Lilly since birth, so she's never actually lived in the wild. And even though it's illegal in the state of Michigan to keep a wild animal, how can this sweet, gentle animal be considered wild when she's never known any other life than being a part of this family?

Watch the video clip below to hear more about this precious animal. You'll be so heartbroken for her owners, you'll hardly be able to stand it.


Ugh. I want to cry. And I want to lash out and scream at the horrible people who made that call to the Department of Natural Resources -- which could potentially destroy this deer's life and devastate the people who love her.

Seriously, why on earth would anyone do something like that other than for the sake of being a major jerk? This deer isn't bothering anyone. And she isn't a danger to anyone. And from the looks of it, the couple has a fenced-in yard, so it's not like she can even wander off their property -- so where's the harm in them keeping her?

Like Lilly's "mom" said, there are exceptions to every rule. And if an exception isn't made in this case, it's just plain cruel to everyone involved. I mean, these people have raised this deer since she was a newborn -- how can anyone be so heartless as to take her away from the only home she's ever known? It's just wrong. And unfair. And pretty despicable, if you ask me.

Do you think this couple should be allowed to keep Lilly?


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