The 10 Most Annoying Things About Neighbors With Pets

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neoYou may love your four-legged friend, but that doesn't mean everyone else does. That is something we pet owners often forget. While we may find that little yappy bark endearing, it could be like nails on a chalkboard to everyone else within earshot. One mom shared her gripe about a neighbor's cat's bad behavior and the drastic actions she took to stop it.

This particularly kitty was a constant source of annoyance. Allowed outside, it would sit on top of cars and use gardens and kids' play areas as its own personal litter box. Despite complaints, the owner did nothing to corral her cat. So the neighbor did the unthinkable -- she had the city's animal control trap it and take it away. Harsh, sure, but it's totally within her rights. Check out 10 more things pet owners do that totally piss off their neighbors.

  1. They let him bark incessantly at anything that catches his eye.
  2. They don't pick up Fido's poop. Despite the fact there are fines for this, some people still do it. Gross!
  3. They let their huge dog jump up on people, including little kids. The excuse? "He just wants to say hi!"
  4. They bring their pet along to visit neighbors even though they know the neighbors don't like animals in their home.
  5. They bring their dog over and let it drink from your cups or eat from your plates. 
  6. They think it's funny to pretend to tell their ferocious looking dog to attack a neighbor who is clearly timid around animals.
  7. They allow the dog to go off-leash during walks around the neighborhood.
  8. They let their pet pee and poop in the middle of a neighbor's yard. Curb him please!
  9. When the animal growls or hisses at an innocent passerby, they do nothing to calm him.
  10. They ignore their neighbors' many complaints.

Have you ever been annoyed by a neighbor's pet? What did you do about it?


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jessa... jessasmamma

I agree that people need to be considerate and clean up after their pets (obviously), not have them jumping on kids, etc. But not "letting" them bark? I know that there are shock collars and things, but really? Dogs are meant to bark. It breaks my heart when I see dogs have shock collars on. I know that it can be annoying late at night, and surely there's a way to handle the barking, but I'd rather have a dog in my neighborhood that barks at something/anything than a dog who has a shock collar on and can't warn that someone is in your backyard, etc.

nonmember avatar Le

Obviously someone doesn't like animals

nonmember avatar Meg

I have a neighbor that gets mad if I walk by her house (need to go that way to get to my mailbox). Walking by causes HER dogs to bark and wake up her kids.

Victo... Victoria0785

Well pet owners can list just as many if not more complaints about kids. My dogs do not do any of that stuff because they are trained. Also I never take them anywhere they aren't welcome. If my dog barks, it's to warn me of danger therefore I won't hinder them. They also stop barking when I say so. And how are you supposed to control where a cat goes? My cat lives outside in order to catch mice since there are a ton of fields. Don't like the cat in your yard? Spray it with the hose, it'll learn. Taking someone's pet to the animal shelter is cruel, how would you like me to take your kid to an orphanage?

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

Our neighbors at our last house use to let there dogs roam around outside off leash, which is fine BUT their dogs would come crap in our yard ALL THE TIME and they wouldn't come pick it up, leaving us and my daughters to step in it! They would also run into our garage all the time when we were trying to get in our car to leave, they would get excited, pee on my garage floor and jump up on my daughters, once when they were in dresses getting ready for pictures! I am so happy we no longer live there and the house we bought has property so we no longer have any neighbor issues. I love animals, I love dogs, we have a dog of our own but I wouldn't let her go crap in other peoples yards and jump all over their small children!

Barking is another pet peeve of mine, when people allow their dogs to bark all night long! I can understand a new puppy and training him/her but after a while, DO something about it! Gah. 

fave82 fave82

I get that dogs bark, that's fine. But when your dog is literally outside and barking non stop- please let it in!! I can't spend time in my back yard because our neighbors have 3 chihuahuas and they bark at us non stop through the fence. Also annoying is that the owners put them out at like 5 am- and not for a quick pee, but for an hour barkfest. I mean really, so rude!

On a side note, the two other neighbors i have both have multiple dogs.. And never once have i had an issue with them!! I hear them bark but never for more than 10 minutes at a time.

nonmember avatar Nikki

I can't stand any of those either and I have a dog and do not let her bark at nonesense or people. We have neighbors who let their dogs bark all the time and don't clean up the poop it's so gross!!

Felly... FellyScarlett

I'm with Victoria. I HATE my neighbors kids. They put their hands through my fence and yell at my dogs. Then when my dogs bark, their shitty parents (that didn't teach them not to stick their hands through other peoples fences) get mad.

MommaH4 MommaH4

i love animals, my neighbors dogs however,  i hate. well actually, i think i hate my neighbor. they have two little white dogs. and every morning they let them out to use the bathroom - that's fine. its when the dogs are done they sit at the door and bark and bark and bark, and it takes my neighbors forever to let them in. they do it at night too, in the am its usually 6 am, at night anywhere between 10 - 11. sometimes 2 am. let the things inside when they are done so your not disturbing the entire neighborhood!! i had another neighbor come out once at around 11 PM once and just yell "SHUT THE F**K UP!" so I'm not the only one who's annoyed by it!!

nonmember avatar guest

Writers on this website are really bad about pinpointing one group in an article when the theme could apply to anyone/anything.

Why pinpoint neighbors with pets? Why not just say annoying things neighbors do? It just makes these writers sound like they have a chip on their shoulder.

Or alienates readers. Like an article titled, "How to squeeze sex into your day for busy parents," why not just "busy PEOPLE" you don't have to be a parent to be busy.

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