J.C. Penney Pulls Tea Kettle Billboard After Outrage Over Resemblance to Hitler

Michael Graves stainless steel tea kettle from J.C. PenneySometimes companies make mistakes that are easy to cover up. You know, like Lululemon's see-through pants fiasco when they recalled loads of "too-thin" Spandex. J.C. Penney isn't so lucky. In fact, their latest mistake is a little embarrassing. The company released a designer Michael Graves stainless steel tea kettle that did the impossible: resembles Adolf Hitler. Seriously. To add insult to injury -- they posted a huge billboard of the kettle in California, which offended commuters so much that they had to take down. The funniest part? Once the word got out about it, the product sold out in a matter of hours becoming an Internet hit.

OK, so I see the resemblance. I understand the controversy. To be honest, I think it's actually pretty comical. This is just an innocuous little tea kettle, people. No need to get your panties all up in a bunch.


If you look at the tea kettle and squint your eyes, then yes, I see this Hitler imagery. But then take a step back and really look at the details of this piece -- it's beautiful. It has a sleek design. I'm obsessed with the little bell that whistles when the water boils. And the handle? It's cute. There's nothing wrong with this kettle, and the fact that the company had to remove the billboard just makes me think that one too many people blew the situation out of proportion.

J.C. Penney responded to the controversy, saying if they "designed it to look like something, [they] would have gone with a snowman or something fun!" Ah-hah! I appreciate their attitude about it all. Like I said, I have MAJOR doubts that this is a PR stunt. This is a kettle, people. A kettle that makes delicious green tea just like the rest of 'em.

Do you think the kettle resemblance was intentional?

Image via J.C. Penney

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