Brandi Glanville's New Home Isn't What You'd Expect From a 'Real Housewife' (PHOTOS)

Brandi Glanville living room

After seeing photos of the interior of Brandi Glanville's new home, it's clear that she definitely made the right move in more ways than one in choosing to relocate to a new pad.

Brandi shared the pics of her digs on Twitter and it's obvious that she's thrilled with the job her interior designer did on the place. She said, "@JenniferAdams I am obsessed with my new rooms! My bedding is to die for also!!!!"

Oh wait, you didn't realized she moved about a month ago? Yep. According to Brandi, she "had some people that are fans of the show and they were just coming up knocking on the door at all hours of the night. I need more security and maybe a gate for the safety of the children and myself."


The new home is in a gated community in Beverly Hills, though from the looks of it, this house isn't anywhere near as stuffy as its high-fallutin' zip code.

Sure, it has really nice, classy furnishings and all -- but to me, that living room looks cozy and comfortable, like a place anyone can kick back and relax in. 

Here's another shot -- pretty nice, isn't it?

Brandi Glanville living room

The decor is just so much more understated than what you'd expect in a typical Beverly Hills mansion -- or at least it's less fussy than how I've always perceived homes in that area to be. For some reason, when I think Beverly Hills, I picture marble, ornate chandeliers, and rooms that pretty much resemble a fancy museum.

And somehow I'm guessing Brandi went for a more laid-back vibe for one reason -- she's a mom! Who wants furniture too fancy for their kids to sit on? No one. 

It's obvious that her boys were in the forefront of her mind with this move not only because of the subtle interior of the home, but also because she knew they needed and deserved more privacy. Good for her for putting them first and going through the hassle of packing up and moving! And based on how happy Brandi is with her new pad, it looks like she definitely made the right decision for everyone involved.

What do you think of Brandi's new home?


Images via Twitter

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