I Keep My House a Mess on Purpose but I Have a Good Reason

messy deskSigh. For over a week, I've been frantically searching my house for my son's Little League hat, because it's totally embarrassing for us to keep showing up on the ball field without it. I literally combed this place from top to bottom trying to locate the damn thing to no avail, and I'd all but given up -- until yesterday evening.

That's when I just happened to open the top drawer of my son's dresser, and lo and behold, there was the hat. Want to know why it was there? I'd put it in that drawer a couple weekends ago -- so I wouldn't lose it. So when his next game or practice rolled around, I'd know exactly where to go to grab it and we could be on our merry way.

But you know what? If I'd simply left it lying on top of the washing machine or kitchen island where it usually winds up -- I would've had no problem figuring out where it was.


Here's the thing -- I'm not a messy person, but my house isn't exactly clutter-free the majority of the time. And once in a while, I get all ballsy and wild and decide I'm going to clean up and organize things -- but every time I do, I have at least one thing I simply cannot find anywhere on any given day of the week.

Like the bills, for instance. After I grab the mail each day, instead of putting it neatly away in a folder or something like that, I leave it on the desk in our kitchen. And it stacks up there until I finally find a few minutes to go through it at the end of the week and separate the junk from the bills. And I've never lost one of those bills, except for the time I cleaned out the desk and proceeded to try and separate the mail into different drawers. I'm not really sure what happened, but somewhere between sorting and stashing, I lost three or four bills that month and had to pay the $10 fee to settle them over the phone. (Never again.)

And I really think it's time for me to surrender to the fact that my house will never, ever, EVER (take that, Taylor Swift) look like something out of the pages of the Pottery Barn catalog. What can I say? I thrive on things being in a state of disarray at all times. And I'm ok with that. As strange as it sounds, I function better when my life is literally a mess than when it's all tidy and put together. Yes, things look a whole lot prettier when there aren't books, papers, toys, clothes, jackets, shoes, and laundry baskets all over the place -- but I'll take a few eyesores any day over digging through every area of my house like a madwoman attempting to locate a freakin' hat.

Do you organize everything in your home, or are you ok with messes?


Image via Mary Fischer

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