Robert Pattinson Moves Out of Kristen Stewart's House & He's Probably Not Coming Back

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Robert PattinsonWell, I guess that's a wrap. Yep, the party is officially over, people. Robert Pattinson moved out of Kristen Stewart's Los Feliz home yesterday, and from the looks of it, he couldn't get out of there quickly enough.

I mean, given that he's an A-list celebrity and all, he certainly could've afforded to hire a moving crew to pack up his stuff and help him relocate to wherever the hell he plans on going now that he's a single dude again. (Does he still have his own pad? I'm not sure.)

But instead -- Rob moved himself out by packing up suitcases and throwing some of his belongings in trash bags. And then he tossed them into his pickup truck and got the hell outta Dodge.

Did I mention he took the dogs with him? Yep -- they rode in the front seat of the cab with him. Gah. Way to stick it to Kristen once and for all.

I hate to say it, but with his scruffy beard and all those garbage bags in the bed of the truck, poor Rob somewhat resembled a homeless person as he drove away from Kristen's house.

But as much of a hassle as it probably was for him to have to get all his things out of Kristen's place, moving out of her home was definitely the only way to go. Initially there were reports saying the couple was planning on living together for the sake of the dogs, but obviously they had a change of heart. (Or at least Rob did.)

Even if their breakup was somewhat on the amicable side (yeah, right), shacking up under the same roof post-split is a bad idea no matter how you look at it. Cohabitating makes it impossible for either of them to move on with their lives, and there's also the possibility of it driving an even bigger wedge between them and making things a lot nastier than they have to be.

At least by living in separate spaces, they can both take the time they need to reassess their relationship and decide if this is truly the end -- or if they simply can't live without each other and will do anything to start over and make it work.

But something tells me they really are over for good this time. Dude left in a flash with the dogs, for crying out loud. If that doesn't scream, "It's OVER," nothing does. Just consider what a pain in the ass moving is. Most people don't put themselves through that kind of upheaval unless they absolutely have to.

And on top of that, dealing with relocating on top of a devastating breakup can't have been easy for Rob. He must really feel like things between him and Kristen have reached their breaking point -- otherwise he probably would've stayed put for at least another month or so just in case they were able to work things out.

Yep. I really think this is it, you guys. (Sad face.)

Do you think this is really the end of Robsten?


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Sam Pazen

It really is no one's business, but theirs. I find it sad. Yes Kristen cheated, but if the tabloids and so called Sources are to be believed Rob wasn't innocent either.But the only two people who really know aren't talking. So until their reps or they talk. Don't believe everything you read.

Charidy Williams Anaya

It's no one business... that being said. He is better off. She is riding on his coat tails. He is very talented and maybe needs to just focus on work. THere are plenty of worthy women out there for him.

Isnt Stewart gonna film Snow White part 2 (same director) wouldnt that make things awkward for Rob if they were together.

Shirley Sorrow

Kristen will star in Snow White 2, but with a different director.  Don't you people keep up?  As far as the rest it amazes me the amount of speculation that goes into these "tabloids" .  Mary Fischer you do not have a clue at what's going on.....nor does anyone else for that matter except for the people involved and they certainly are not talking.  Give it a rest.

snoop... snoopy7729

From what I understand the director will be different for Snow White 2.

Tina Powers

she cheated on him once she well do it again she might already did

Heather M Shuler

wow leave them the hell alone who gives a crap if they brake up get back together and keep going around and around they are not the only couple who have these issues so i don't understand why this so call THE STIR gets so work up over these two???  Come on get a real life stop saying drama about ppl or Karma will turn around and bite you and you wont even see it coming :)  P.S. what ever happens to them its not the end of the world just saying...

April Marchant

seen a bag and a backpack where are all the pics of the dos the trash bags, dogs etc. and futhermore do you really think if he were that pissed he woul take the time to take anything? like he could not affor to replace anything he may have at her house this site has a really bad rep for on and off again relationship trash talk about this couple like every single week perhaps twice a week, LEAVE THEM ALONE WHO REALLY F*****N CARES .

Rachael Miles

as i cant see any trash bags and just see the bags he has got..... im thinking maybe his just going away for abit to shoot a film or something and needs some clothes, maybe the dogs are going to his parents as Kristen is also an actress and has to travel???? I dont know, i just like to think of simple stuff first rather than assume the worse....maybe you should try it sometime :)

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