Dog Crawls From Oklahoma Rubble as Stunned Owner Cries With Relief (VIDEO)

The stories coming out of Moore, Oklahoma today, in the wake of the devastating tornado that blew through there yesterday, are heartbreaking at every turn. There is just so much lost. But when I saw Barbara Garcia find her dog, live on-air, while being interviewed about how she rode out the storm ... I just cried. Barbara had a plan. She lived through it. She thought little Bassie was lost.

Well, until ...


When she says, "I thought God answered one prayer to let me be okay. He answered both of 'em," yeah, that's when I lost it.

Everyone needs someone -- and Barbara and her pup still have each other.

If you are curious how to help the victims of this tornado, there are lots of options. Every little bit helps.

Did this video touch you?

Image via CBSNewsOnline/YouTube

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