Man Sets Fire to Neighbor’s House Because He Wanted Him to Cut His Grass

Phillip Roger Bennett
Phillip Roger Bennett
When it comes to buying a house, one thing people often forget about is the neighbors that come with it. You may inspect every inch of the home, but often you have no idea what (or in this case who) lies outside your door. Some neighbors are awesome and will bring you a welcome cake and loan you sugar. Others will set your house on fire if they think your grass is too long.

True story -- it happened last week in Cartersville, Georgia. According to FOX 5, Phillip Roger Bennett allegedly torched neighbor Marty Corbitt's house after a feud over his lawn's grass length. Corbitt says he was going to cut it that day, but didn't have time before Bennett went berserk.


"And then he grabs the gas can, starts pouring it into the kitchen. As he's pouring, he takes his lighter and lights it. Flames were everywhere," Corbitt told the station.

Fortunately Corbitt and his 3-year-old daughter who was with him at the time were able to escape, but Corbitt lost everything in the fire. Bennett has since been captured and has been charged with arson and aggravated assault. It's apparently not his first offense, and the station says he has an "extensive criminal history." But wow, talk about how NOT to settle an argument with a neighbor. Corbitt said Bennett was a "pretty good neighbor" before that.

Unfortunately, this case isn't the only one we've seen either. Here are five other cases of bad neighbors that make us want to live far away from anyone.

1. In this truly horrifying case, a man is accused of murdering a family of five because he was angry about where they left their stroller.

2. Last summer we saw the case in which a man supposedly pulled a gun on his neighbor because he farted.

3. There was also the unforgettable story in which a woman put up Christmas lights in the shape of a middle finger to get back at her "nosy" neighbors.

4. Don't forget the crazy cat man who stabbed his neighbor because the guy's cat was bothering his kittens.

5. Finally (unfortunately just for purposes of this list), there was the guy who organized a surprise orgy at his neighbor's house via a Craigslist ad to pay him back for annoying behavior.

Love thy neighbor?

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