Farrah Abraham Wants $3 Million L.A. Mansion -- Hey Wait, Wasn’t That Sex Tape Money Supposed to Go Toward Her Master's?

farrah abrahamBackdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is shopping for a home in L.A. The 21-year-old porn star has decided to settle down in Hollywood so she can get on a reality show, or maybe make another sex tape that gets accidentally leaked, and was photographed touring a $3.3 million mansion in Justin Bieber's neighborhood, Calabasas.

If you're wondering how Farrah, who reportedly earned around $1 million for her adult film, can afford such a place, you're not alone.

But I have a theory. Farrah probably views money like those Real Housewives of New Jersey do. As long as they have enough money for the down payment, they'll worry about the mortgage later. They borrow money, buy something they can't afford, then act like victims when they're about to lose their house.

Farrah should talk to Teresa and Joe Giudice and get advice on living above your pay-grade, prioritizing appearances over financial stability, filing for bankruptcy, and selling everything you own in a yard sale to try and make ends meet.

What I think I love most about Farrah's house hunting is its contradiction. Wasn't it Farrah who said she did porn (excuse me, "sold her sex tape") because she was a lonely single mother who needed the money to open her restaurants and to get her master's degree?


Thanks for the laughs, Farrah. You never disappoint.

Do you think Farrah should buy this house?


Photo via F1abraham/Twitter

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nonmember avatar lalala

She's an idiot. She's going to buy the house, be unable to keep up with the payments and lose it. What a waste of money. Why not buy a modest home in a nice neighborhood, get a degree and put the rest in savings? Oh that's right, because she's a shallow bitch. God, I can't wait until her 15 minutes are over.

Angela Haverstock

She shouldn't buy a house that costs that much. She will just lose it to foreclosure if she can't keep her 15 minutes of fame going. She should buy a house she can afford. If she makes sure she doesn't overpay she can always sell and upgrade when she knows she can continue to make the bank needed to purchase, pay taxes, and pay upkeep on a house of that size. Well, that is what my advice would be anyway...

Rootbear Rootbear

Her 15 minutes of fame will be over when the internet starts ignoring her.

Dana Gibson


Nicole Cressey

it is dumb that she is now a celebrity all because she was a pregnant teen. She is dumb. This is not a good role model for MTV

Samantha Storgion

I think everyone should stop givin this disquisting no good money hungry ...liein ass lil girl publicity she is ridiculous she sounds like an asshole ....how is her kid ?? Oh yeah noone cares neither does she.... Ur a great role model Farrah ... Bahahaha Fukin silly ass ratchet bitch

cutie... cutie_pie200619

Its sad the only person who is going to be hurt by this is her daughter!!

momof... momof35219

Well she'll be close to the kardasians since almost all of them live there in calabasas. Not to count the other famous folks. But sadly she won't fit in she's just a wanna be.

Tia Torre

not judging the poor girl, but raising a daughter as a single mother must be hard, but raising a daughter while you're selling your adult films isnt going to make the situation any better...Farrah my love, you are so all over the place, you have no idea whether you're coming or going, buying this mansion of yours isnt a good idea...

mlg1989 mlg1989

She's a liar. We already know that. Prediction=buys the house and loses it within a year.

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