Farrah Abraham Wants $3 Million L.A. Mansion -- Hey Wait, Wasn’t That Sex Tape Money Supposed to Go Toward Her Master's?

farrah abrahamBackdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is shopping for a home in L.A. The 21-year-old porn star has decided to settle down in Hollywood so she can get on a reality show, or maybe make another sex tape that gets accidentally leaked, and was photographed touring a $3.3 million mansion in Justin Bieber's neighborhood, Calabasas.

If you're wondering how Farrah, who reportedly earned around $1 million for her adult film, can afford such a place, you're not alone.


But I have a theory. Farrah probably views money like those Real Housewives of New Jersey do. As long as they have enough money for the down payment, they'll worry about the mortgage later. They borrow money, buy something they can't afford, then act like victims when they're about to lose their house.

Farrah should talk to Teresa and Joe Giudice and get advice on living above your pay-grade, prioritizing appearances over financial stability, filing for bankruptcy, and selling everything you own in a yard sale to try and make ends meet.

What I think I love most about Farrah's house hunting is its contradiction. Wasn't it Farrah who said she did porn (excuse me, "sold her sex tape") because she was a lonely single mother who needed the money to open her restaurants and to get her master's degree?


Thanks for the laughs, Farrah. You never disappoint.

Do you think Farrah should buy this house?


Photo via F1abraham/Twitter

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