91-Year-Old Vet Is Getting Evicted by His Own Daughter but You Can Help

wwii vetJohn Potter turns 92 at the end of the month, and by then, he might be homeless. The World War II veteran probably never thought that the fight of his life would be against his daughter, but it's the unfortunate truth. Janice Contrill was granted power of attorney back in 2004 when her dad fell ill and has used that status to evict him from his home. Potter built the place himself more than 50 years ago and is dumb-founded that his daughter has terminated his "lease."

There is, however, one family member on Potter's side.

His granddaughter Jaclyn Fraley, 35, hasn't talked to her mother Janice in two years, and solidly sides with Potter. In fact, she started a campaign on GoFundMe.com to try and raise money for her grandfather to buy his house back.

After just a month on the site, Fraley's raised about $71,000 of her goal of $125,000.

There are two sides to every story, and all we know about Janice's side is that there was a dispute over care for her severely disabled, autistic brother (Potter's son). Perhaps Janice feels like her father wronged her, and possibly her brother, too, and is seeking retribution?

I'd wager that there's more here than meets the eye, but if you'd like to help 91-year-old WWII vet John Potter keep his house, you can donate on the GoFundMe site. Banding together to help a person in need is never a bad idea, especially a war vet. His granddaughter wants to give him the money on his birthday ... so don't delay!

Did you donate?


Photo via Jaclyn Fraley

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miche... micheledo

His daughter has power of attorney. That means, I assume, thatshe could also take control of the money gifted to him and/or take the house again after he buys it back. Unless I am wrong about that, it would be rather foolish to give him money. She just has to put him i na nursing home and the house is hers again.

daydr... daydreamer6170

im assuming the fund account is set up under the grandaughter


The fund is set up in the name of the granddaughter who is helping him.  I donated!  He's a bit over $110,000 right now, trying to get to $125,000.  What this daughter is doing to her father is just flat out wrong.

Heather Haddow Gilbert

Why not take power of attorney away from the daughter? If he really needs it, give it to the granddaughter!

Michele Hoyt

Power of Attorney is supposed to be to help the person legally when he/she can no longer do it themselvees for medical or mental or age reasons. I would think the Granddaughter should be able to go to a judge and get the order overturned by showing her mother does not have her grandfather's best interests at heart.

islan... island_rose

her grandfather still has the power to terminate the Special Power of Attorney that he signed long ago for that reason...

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

the daughter no longer has Power of Attorney but when she had it she put the deed to the house in her name, something that's illegal to do.  Once he found out what she did, he gave the granddaughter POA and tired to get the deed back in his name.  He managed to do that but that got overturned due to statue of limitation so the daughter still has the house in her name and she wants to sell the house to him.  I think it's a pretty disgusting thing to do to your own father.  I hope it works out for him.

Rideitlike Youstoleit

he should not have to buy the house back at full market value.A deed transfer can be done for $1.00. Both he and the grand daughter need to speak with the courts and go from there, get a public defender or find an attorney that will represent a VET pro bono.Especially if the daughter putting the deed in her name is illegal. If this was done without her fathers knowledge then forgery comes into play. Seek legal advice!

Alex McCormick Steimer

He shouldn't have to buy his house back since it was illegally taken from him to begin with. If his daughter had a heart at all she wouldn't do this. Let him keep the money that is raised AND keep his money. How anyone can do this to their own father or ANYONE for that matter is scum.

Alex McCormick Steimer

I meant let him keep the money that is raised AND his house.

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