Cop Who Climbs Tree to Save Cat Ends Up Needing to Be Saved Too

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This sounds like a bad situation comedy. A police officer who had been called by worried locals to rescue a cat who had gotten stuck in a tree ended up getting stuck himself -- and had to get the fire department to get him down. Can't you just hear the canned laughter? In fact, no canned laughter was needed because this poor guy got the real thing. Firemen who were called to rescue the cop who was trying to rescue the cat apparently laughed at him before getting him down. Which makes no sense because this situation isn't funny AT ALL.

Reportedly after the cop climbed into a tree to try and capture the scared kitty, the feline kept climbing higher and higher into the branches, with the cop following. Eventually he too couldn't get down. Hey, that reminds me of a joke. How many guys does it take to rescue a cat from a tree? One for the cat -- and several more for the cop. Haha!!! Okay, I just made that up.

The fire department was then called -- and they got the cop (and the cat) down, but apparently they laughed at him the whole time. And yet not one of them thought to videotape this? WTF?

While cops and firemen might routinely rescue felines from precarious positions in small towns, it's very unusual to get a cop to respond to a call like this in New York City, where the incident took place. In fact, I'm wondering if the locals who made the call even were honest about what was stuck in the tree. Maybe they said it was a baby. Or a bag of money.

Once the fire department got there -- and first ribbed the officer mercilessly -- both the kitty and the cop were rescued. Did I mention this all happened in front of a bunch of elementary school students? I think it's a nice lesson for them about cops being helpers and having compassion for animals. And they probably got a good laugh out of it too. Poor cop. Poor cat. I think these two were destined to be together.

Do you think the cop did the right thing or was wasting his time?


Image via Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr

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LostS... LostSoul88

He was wasting his time. The cat would eventually made its own way down after people stopped pestering it. And yes it is funny the cop got stuck up in the tree. 

nonmember avatar Nicole

I roll my eyes every time I hear that a cat had to be rescued from a tree. I have had lots of cats growing up, all outdoor cats, and I live in the Caribbean where nobody cares if a cat is up a tree. And there has NEVER! Been an incidence where a cat that climbed a tree could not get down on its own. It's usually meowing because it's afraid of all the people calling it and in its way. Just leave it alone and it will come down, cats can climb down backwards down a tree trunk with its claws. If its a young cat, and it's first time up a tree, it might stay there for a while crying , but eventually will climb down when it's ready .

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