'Hot Dads Doing Chores' Are Every Mom's Fantasy (VIDEOS)

washing dishesWhen it comes to housework, let's face it, there's just nothing sexy about it ... or least not usually. Many of us fantasize about a day in which some magical housework fairy appears to end the day-to-day drudgery, but those fantasies have never looked as good as the reality of half-dressed, hard-bodied men doing the work instead. Oh yes, it's true, and you can see for yourself.

Make sure you have a fan close by, because these videos of Hot Dads Doing Chores by CafeMom Studios are HOT. Let's start with this delicious dad who wants to do your laundry. Brace yourselves.

Seriously, what could be hotter than that? Well, maybe this one of a hot dad unloading the dishwasher.

Sigh. What wouldn't you give to get your dishes done like that? I wouldn't even complain if there were spots.

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What are your housework fantasies?


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Kelli Hayward

He even wiped the counter off at the end! I think I'm in love...

KiTia... KiTiasmommy78

I got seriously lucky. My husband to be cleans cooks and does the dishes and laundry. Folds and puts away. Lets me sleep in and puts the kids on the bus. :-)

Jayne E Brooks Master

washing my car, bathing the dog, cooking dinner, tending to the kids. lol

Lenor... Lenore411

Same here kitiasmommy!  Sometimes I sadly wonder if I'm the only mum who hears "I changed a poopy diaper", or gets to sleep in (the BF works overnights but gets home and takes care of the lil man)  He also cooks dinner and helps clean, and we both go and do laundry together.

Yesenia Ortiz-Sanchez

Oh my. My husband helped a lot at first but not so much now. He works two jobs so I guess I cant complain. But wow these guys can do my chores any day!

nonmember avatar Jo

Are you saying these guys aren't actors??!! Amazing! I would pass out if that happened here!!

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