Beyonce Buys This Unlikely Celebrity's Mansion Because ... Oh, You Just Have to See for Yourself! (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | May 10, 2013 Home & Garden

cher $45 million mansionNow this is a story you wouldn't expect to hear. Cher's beautiful Italian-Renaissance style house goes on the market. Beyonce is looking for a house. Beyonce buys Cher's house for a casual $45 million. Seriously.

This is the same Malibu mansion that Cher took off the market back in 2008, saying at the time she didn't want to give up the view. And heck, I can't blame her. Considering the place also has stone walls, seven bedrooms, nine baths, a tennis court, stamped copper dining room cieling, a theatre, and an adjacent guest house and pool -- I think there were loads of other benefits to the property as well.

Could Jay-Z and Beyonce be getting tired of all of this craziness here in the big city? Heck, there's clearly LOADS of room for Blue Ivy to  play around in there. If I had to guess, perhaps the couple is upgrading with hopes to add another little bundle of joy to the family. Ah-hah! The "truth" comes out.

Take a look at the $45 million mansion, here:

Image via WEEN

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