Chris Brown Sparks a 'War' With His Neighbors Over What He Did to His House (PHOTO)

Chris brown graffiti house

Chris Brown apparently isn't good at keeping good relationships with anyone. First, things with him and Rihanna head south again. Now he's angering his neighbors, and he didn't even have to threaten them! Apparently Chris' Hollywood home is covered with graffiti. Lots of graffiti. Lots of graffiti that looks like angry monsters with massive chompers that make me worried for my well-being and I'm hundreds of miles away.

So yeah, his neighbors are mad (understandably) and they went to the police. According to TMZ, Brown was cited last week for having "unpermitted and excessive signange" outside and charged $376.32. That amount will go up if the singer doesn't pay within 30 days to $1,176.

With the amount of money he has just lying around, I don't think these fines are gonna bug him. But it's just not fair or nice for him to keep this stuff up. Yeah, it's his property -- but it's everyone's neighborhood.


All of these paintings are pure blight. If I were having a special guest over to my fancy Hollywood home and I happened to live near Chris Brown (hey, a gal can dream!), I'd be appalled and embarrassed. Whether you're an A-lister like Brown or a regular ol' Joe Shmoe like me, it's just not fair to do crazy things to your property like that. Especially when it completely changes the look of a neighborhood.

A few years back, I remember how angry a friend of mine was when her neighbor painted her house a shade of neon purple (I wish I were joking). At least that wasn't big and scary-looking with teeth. And at least that may not have looked absolutely horrendous with good landscaping and a friendly smile to greet you at the door.

So yeah, Brown -- those monsters gotta go. It ain't nice. They ain't pretty. And since you painted them yourself, we all know they weren't expensive.

Do you think Chris should paint over the graffiti?


Image via Splash News

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