Adorable Brother & Sister Bedroom: This Is How It Should Be Done!

Usually when we talk about shared spaces, they happen to be for siblings of the same gender. But what about when brother and sister bunk up together? This room for Aden and Isabel by designer and mom Emily Mughannam is all the proof you need that it can be done --and quite successfully too!

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I think the key here is having some sort of a neutral base for everything in this type of shared bedroom. The bolder details here play nicely off this gray-striped wall as an example. I can also appreciate that nothing in this room is overly masculine or feminine, but a little bit of everything instead.

There's plenty of color in the room, but the tones tend to be muted. Don't you love the shade of orange on this set of drawers? 

How about those navy doors? Cool, right? I also like that the furniture isn't all matchy-matchy but different and complementary. 

More grays in the crib bedding for Isabel keep things neutral with all the rug patterns and wall hangings.

Another peek into the layout of the room. That circle rug with the tribal print is super fun!

Brother-and-sister sharing can be difficult to navigate, but I think this bedroom pulls things together really well.

Have you ever done a room for a brother/sister combo? Do tell!

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jalaz77 jalaz77

Yes for about 8 months. The room was painted a leafy green for our daughter already, we basically split it in half. Her half was antique white and pink decor and his was his bold colors and it worked out really well. The room was a basement room and had a shelf going around it which helped with decorating by not having to put nails in the wall.


my DD is older so this won't work for me but cute

nonmember avatar amanda

We have a brother/sister combo room and we did enchanted forest. Lots of animals and knights and dragons for brother and animals and princess castle and fairies for sister! It works perfect!

nonmember avatar Mask

I think it's upsetting that you felt the need to write this article. Avoiding gender stereotypes through forced neutrality is just another way of perpetuating them. Just make it nice and don't think about gender!

As a side note, if possible, don't make your children share a room; it's horrible to take away their privacy in this way if you can avoid it.

Serena Shirley

My baby brother and I shared a room growing up (and loved it. when we moved into a bigger house and got our own rooms, he drug his mattress to my room every night for the first week) and we had white walls, and each got to put a poster up. We had bunk beds, and my mom found comforters with pink, blue, and white stripes, and we each had one. We agreed on blue curtains (of course when he was 1 and first started sleeping in a big boy bed and I was 6, we spent about a year snuggled up in a full size bed together with a care bears bedspread and matching curtains. When we wear older and needed our privacy we moved into a bigger place, but we still look back fondly on a time when every night was like a slumber party.

youth... youthfulsoul

It's cute but looks like a boy's room.

Megan Michelle Stone

My 4 and 3 year old share a room(girl and boy). The "main theme" is outer space, I painted the walls bright green with alien stickers, space clock, space light cover, etc. but then as they've gotten older some of their interests(as should be!) have been included in the room. My daughter has princess stickers on the wall and a Taylor Swift poster, my son has an arsenal of superhero stickers on the walls, etc. 

nonmember avatar Leandra Loewen

Lovely post...and a beautiful shared space. We've had a variety of bedroom combinations for our seven children over the years from having their own rooms, to sharing same-gender, to sharing mixed-gender...Sharing is definitely their preferred choice, even when they come home for holidays from university.

nonmember avatar Lauren

"As a side note, if possible, don't make your children share a room; it's horrible to take away their privacy in this way if you can avoid it."

Seriously? For thousands of years entire families shared a room! I think it's good for kids. And for the record, I have four kids and none of them share. I have one kid sleeping in an office and one in a bathroom because they wake each other up. But eventually... they will share! :)

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