10 Must-Pack Items for Your Romantic Spring Getaway

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It's spring and romance is in the air (can't you smell it within the pollen?). Every spring my husband and I take our annual anniversary five-day weekend, and every spring, we wish it could be 10 days longer. Honestly, is there anything better than luscious weather and your man by your side? I don't think so.

Personally, I think you need next to nothing (literally) to make it a romantic weekend. The less clothing, the better, naturally, but it's more than that, too. There are so many ways to up the romance factor and make your getaway so special, you will never want to return.

Here are 10 must-pack items for your ultimate romantic spring getaway:


1.) Books: I know it sounds counterintuitive, but waking up with nothing to do and no one to care for and reading together, intertwined, is probably the most romantic feeling in the world. It just doesn't get better than that.

2.) Massage oil: Relax and give each other massages (or, even better, side-by-side couples massages -- yes please!) and take the romance to the next level.

3.) Romance playlist: Bring your wedding songs and other romantic music that can help you set the mood.

4.) Finger foods: If you want to lock yourself in the B&B room all day long, bring sustenance. It will help.

5.) Perfume: Nothing says romance like a lingering scent. Make it subtle for the best effect.

6.) Gifts: Last year my husband surprised me on our anniversary trip with necklaces. I had no idea he planned it and was thrilled with the surprise.

7.) Makeup: Dress up for a change! Make him see you the way he used to. Tease him when you are out for the night.

8.) Candles: Obviously, this is a no brainer.

9.) Camera: This can be used in so many ways, but best of all, you can take photos and remember this trip in the dead of winter and look forward to it again come next spring.

10.) Poetry: I mean, really, why not go all the way? Read to one another? The more romantic, the better. Make it a competition. Sigh. I can't wait!

What do you bring for a romantic weekend?

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