Reese Witherspoon Has Found the Perfect Place to Hide From the Police

Reese WitherspoonIn case you thought that all Reese Witherspoon was doing these days was sassing back at cops, well, you'd be wrong! She's also been beefing up her real estate portfolio. Reese recently shelled out $3 million for the house next to hers. Nothing fancy. It's a 1956 ranch house on less than one acre that was formerly owned by actor Mark Harmon's mother. I'm totally picturing the interior done up in '60s style with mirrors on the wall, gold-plated bathroom fixtures, and shag rugs. Maybe a big rainbow swirl decal over the bed. Hopefully Reese will update. So what on earth does Reese want with a 3,000-square-foot ranch house?


Reese has a history of knocking down the homes surrounding hers. Previously, she had bought a nearby 3,000-square-foot home, razed it, and incorporated it into her backyard. It must be nice to be able to buy out all your annoying neighbors and get rid of their homes. Sigh.

No word on what Reese plans to do with this latest house -- but I'm thinking drunk tank. Yeah, the next time hubby Jim Toth knocks back a few too many, Reese can be all, "Jim! Get into the drunk tank! No driving for you tonight! Sleep it off, buddy!" Right? Brilliant move, Reese!

Reese already has a $5 million manse that she bought back when she was still married to Ryan Phillippe. So she seems to be trying to buy up all of the property around her. Which totally makes sense because who wants to hear Reese and her husband having their drunken brawls? Oh, calm down, people. I know Reese and Jim are polite to each other even after they've been in their cups.

The couple just had a baby, Tennessee, and they must have wanted to expand. Maybe the baby and his various nannies will hole up in the ranch house. I don't know. Just speculating.

The ranch house sounds kind of cool though -- it's got a motor court, a swimming pool, and a separate art studio/guest house. So if Jim really gets out of control, she can banish him not to the extra house, but to the extra house's guest house! How great would that be?

Kidding, Reese. I know Jim gets the couch.

What do you think Reese will do with her new home?


Image via Splash News

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