Dog Bites Off Woman's Nose but Owner Gets Away With It

labYou may be a responsible dog owner who does the right thing with your pet -- but there's always some irresponsible jerk who unleashes danger on everyone else, literally. Caren and Laine Henry were walking their beagle on a leash when a Labrador-retriever mix named "Buddy" came tearing out from nowhere and sunk his teeth into Caren's thigh and abdomen. Then it attacked her face, breaking her sunglasses, biting and scratching her eyes, and finally tearing her nose off.

Can you imagine how terrifying? Laine tried to fight the dog off. The dog bit his left arm, but Laine bit the dog on the nose and it finally let loose. Laine's arm became so badly infected he's had to take a leave from his job moving heavy machinery. But of course Caren has it even worse -- they're hoping a series of reconstructive surgery can restore her nose.

You would think that after an attack like that, there would be heavy penalties for the irresponsible dog owner and the dog might even be put down. But nope! Not in Dallas County, Iowa. There are no laws requiring criminal penalties for negligent dog owners -- or leading to a pet being put down.

In fact, Buddy was impounded last year for attacking another dog, so he has a history. But Dallas County isn't equipped to deal with dogs like Buddy. They don't have an animal control facility or a place to keep quarantined dogs -- which is why Buddy is being quarantined at his own home. And here's the most infuriating part -- the man who lives at the home where Buddy has been living claims he isn't even the owner. He says the real owner is a homeless man in the area. Investigators aren't sure he's telling the truth, but it's a pretty convenient story. Saves someone from a lawsuit ... for now.

But come on. Isn't there a common-sense solution for this menace? Is it really fair to everyone else that there's a dangerous dog on the loose? What if he'd attacked a child? If I lived in this community, I would be furious and demand my local officials to pass a few laws that would protect the public from careless pet owners.

I also think it's interesting that this was a mix of breeds that are usually so sweet. Usually people think of pit bulls as the meanest, most dangerous dogs. But they just get a bad rap. Clearly other breeds can be vicious, too.

What do you think should happen to the dog and its owner -- whoever that is?


Image via davharuk/Flickr



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LostS... LostSoul88

That dog needs to be put down before it kills a child. 

nonmember avatar Johnie Carney

I have this type of dog and there had to be something wrong with the dog/owner! I have never been around a sweeter type of dog then my lab/retriever mix. I have a one year old that climbs,sits,"loves" this dog. She sits and enjoys every moment being around him. this blows my mind bc im always telling people to get the lab/retriever mix for a pet bc mine is the best dog EVER! Ive been around dogs since i was born. Never have i had a better dog then my Izzy girl.

Serab... Serabelle

Every dog has the potential to be dangerous, regardless of size or breed. The only difference between the danger a Pitt/ Rottweiler poses vs a Pomeranian is in the level of strength in their jaw. Vicious dogs are just a side effect of poor ownership. Training is a MUST with all dogs. This dog has a history of vicious behavior, and therefore needs to be put down. If a dog attacks to protect its human, that is one thing, but a completely unprovoked attack is different.

death... deathbylove2006

And where was the owner when this was happening?

mandy... mandysue88

If a chihuahua was the size of a pitbull it would be considered even more dangerous...those tiny ankle bitters are meaner then any other breed of dog....ever

nonmember avatar Teddy

As a mail carrier who was attacked by a Lab, I can attest that they are not the "sweetest breed ever." A fellow carrier and former breeder says they have one of the highest bite rates of any breed. There are numerous pits and mixes on my route: best dogs ever. And yeah, ankle-biters are a menace. Jack Russells are the worst.

Craft... CraftyJenna

He attacked two people and tore a woman's face off. I don't see how their pain is any less because they are adults and not children. That dog needs to be put down and the owner needs to be punished. 

Tammie Terry Collier

I'm sick to death of the "what if it attacked a child" statement. I'm an adult. My husband is an adult. Our animals are our pets. They are just as important to me as a child. This dog is a menace, as is his owner, and should be euthanized. Period. Hopefully the next person to be targeted by this dog will have a concealed weapons permit and it will be settled as it should be.

Todd Vrancic

Tammie, you said, "This dog is a menace, as is his owner, and should be euthanized."  Did you mean the dog or the owner?

Doreen Rosanen

Is there something wrong with this lab mix dog's nose and mouth. Was
the dog abused and is the owner of the dog that bit the woman mean and
trained the dog to attack or the dog would be beaten himself?
Needs investigating. No dog attacks for no reason. Do not euthanize
the dog, but look into the history of the dog and it's

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