6 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun For the Whole Family

kid cleaningEvery spring, I look forward to giving my home a fresh start. That means cleaning it from top to bottom, shredding stacks of papers that have piled up, and getting rid of all that old, unused stuff taking up much needed space. I love the result. It feels  great have a sparkling, neat place to come home to. There is just one problem: I hate the actual cleaning part. But there are ways the chore can actually be more enjoyable -- and not just for you. Here are 6 ways to make spring cleaning fun for the whole family.

  1. Some moms may call this a bribe. I like to call it a necessary incentive. To get my son to part with old toys, I tell him that if he fills up a box to donate, we can go on an adventure, like visiting a firehouse or a police station where he can meet his heroes in the flesh.
  2. Getting rid of the old makes room for the new. If everyone is reluctant to weed through their clothes closet, tell the that if they each fill two grocery bags to donate, they can buy one new item for their closet.
  3. Have a dusting race. Assign each person a different room. The first to finish -- and pass the white glove test -- gets a prize.
  4. Have your husband and kids gather up old items like toys, sporting equipment, and anything else they don't use to sell at a garage sale. Tell everyone you will use the profits to do something the entire family will enjoy, like bowling or a trip to an amusement park.
  5. The bathroom is often the most dreaded room to clean. Make it fun by screwing a black light into the socket, which will reveal every single speck of dirt. Keep cleaning until the room is spotless.
  6. The garage is often the messiest part of the whole house. Getting rid of that broken down lawn mower and boxes filled with God knows what can make room for something really cool -- like a stage for the kids to put on plays or a workshop for a handy spouse.

What other ways can families make Spring Cleaning fun?


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