5 Super Easy Ways to Hide All Those Wires at Home

deskThere are plenty of things that can ruin a perfectly good room in your home. Sure, a bad color scheme is rough and old, worn down furniture is the pits, but my biggest design pet peeve is loose wires. It's something ALL of us deal with, especially considering nearly everything in our homes is techy these days. First it's just the table lamp, then it's the new flat-screen TV. Soon the wires from your DVD player, iPad docking station, and light-up wall art are just TOO much to handle. Someone, CONTROL THE MASSES!

So what's a plugged-in momma to do? Hide them! Don't fret, there are loads of ways you can camouflage the wires in your home that are easy and don't have to cost a fortune. Check out 5 easy, cheap solutions for hiding all those messy wires:


1.  Move the power to where you need it: Instead of allowing multiple cords to stretch across the floor to your desired area, have ONE wire -- an extension cord -- do the reaching for you. Don't let the cord run loose, though. Make sure to invest in a long enough extension cord so you can run the power around the exterior of the room, near your baseboards.

2. Get to drilling: If you're working with a desk, the easiest way to hide your wires is to drill a small hole behind where you choose to keep your computer or laptop. Simply thread all the power cords through the new hole and voilà!

3. Put things away! Things that can be unplugged, like portable fans, hair wands, and appliances like a vacuum, need to be put AWAY after use. There's no need to keep powered-off items out in plain view. In fact, keeping them plugging in can be super dangerous and an electricity waste.

4. Grab a CableBox: I love this thing. So sleek and discrete! I'd SO much rather have a clean-looking white (or black) box on the ground instead of a filled-up surge protector, wouldn't you?

5. Only keep the necessities: I know this is hard to admit -- but we all have electrical odds and ends in places we do NOT need them. Eliminate clutter and unnecessary goodies, especially in the bedroom, to minimize your cord clutter.

How do you minimize cord clutter in your home?


Image via nkeppol/Flickr

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