Pinterest vs. Reality: 18 Hilariously Bad Mom FAILS

Emily Abbate | Apr 29, 2013 Home & Garden
Image: Pinterest

pinterest castle cake fail

Pinterest is awesome -- even if it is depressing as hell sometimes. So many images and projects and dreams beyond the scope of most moms ... sigh. C'mon, do you know anyone in real life who actually attempted a pink, 10-turret birthday castle cake that didn't come out like looking like a pile of Play-Doh with icing? Or whose living room doesn't look like a small plastic parts manufacturing factory?

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We didn't think so. Of course our intentions are always good, but it feels like no matter how much effort we put into these crafty DIYs or picturesque spaces, real life always seems to get in the way and ruin our Pinterest-y image. Not only is it disappointing, it's actually kind of funny sometimes. 

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The perfect lives moms imagine on Pinterest oftentimes do not reflect the sad reality that actually goes down, which is why we put together these 18 hilarious instances of Pinterest vs. Reality that all moms can surely relate to. 

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