Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Might Be Homeless After Baby but That's Better Than the Alternative

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Kim Kardashian Kanye WestUh-oh. There may be trouble brewing in paradise, people. Get this one -- by the time their baby is born in July, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be homeless, or possibly worse (I'll explain in bit) -- unless they get their act together fairly soon.

Remember that insane mansion they bought in Bel Air at the beginning of the year? Yeah, it's still undergoing renovations, so they can't live there. And Kim sold her pad in Beverly Hills and has to vacate by August 1. Kanye's place isn't an option either. He already packed up his stuff and moved out.

Basically, at this point, those two really have nowhere to go. But one option they're supposedly considering is so horrible, I'm even cringing at the mere thought of being in their situation.

You guys, TMZ is reporting that they're thinking of moving in with family members. As in possibly Kris Jenner. As in Kim's mom and Kanye's (maybe) future in-laws.

Is this the stupidest idea you've ever heard or is this the stupidest idea you've EVER heard?!?

OMG. Poor Kanye. Can you imagine that dude shacking up with Kim's family? I already feel sorry for him and this may or may not even happen.

I don't care how much money you offered me -- there's no way in hell I'd even consider moving in with the in-laws (or letting them live with me) under any circumstances. Making a move like that is basically setting your relationship up for disaster, which is why I seriously hope this is nothing more than a rumor and Kim and Kanye are in the process of coming up with another solution to their living situation.

Couples need their own space regardless of whatever phase their relationship is in. But with a new baby on the way? There's probably not a more crucial time in their lives to get their own place -- even if it means renting some temporary digs until their mansion is ready.

It would be such a shame if the downfall of Kimye came as a result of sharing the same four walls as her mom and the rest of the K-crew. (There will be WAY better things for them to break up over down the road.)

Have you and your partner ever lived with family members?


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Megan... MeganJune03

The hubs and I lived with the mother in law for 3 year... her husband died in Aug 2009 and ash asked us to move in to help out. So, yeah that was not fun.  It was nice at times because we had a new baby so she helped a lot with that and when I had to go to the ER a couple months back for an allergic reaction she stayed home with our daughter........but then there were little things that bugged me... like her OCD and going into my room to clean only her version of cleaning is to move it somewhere else.... that got old fast! Now she has since moved out (new boyfriend) and we have the place to ourselves (with our daughter of course) and it is so much better!

nonmember avatar Katrina

My husband and I have been living with my parents while we save for a house for the past year. We have a 2 year old daughter and 6 month old son. While agree that couples need their space, it doesn't doom a relationship. It's not fun sometimes, but we are doing what we can for the future of our family.

nonmember avatar saoirse

Oh yeah, poor poor Kinnie

nonmember avatar proudmomma

wow really there nothing wrong with moving in with the in-laws until ther MANSION is ready at least they have the $ to get there own place ther ppl out there that dont and needs to stay with friends and or there parents/in-laws with there baby until they can afford to get on there feet. yes i agree that couples need there own space and raise there kid there way but you gotta do what best for that child and that provided them with a roof over there head and thats what am doing for my 8month old daughter is giving her a roof over her head reather its mine or not!

Nelli... NellieAthome

Ms Fischer, you are disgusting.

1. People with the kind of money Kim and Kanye have are never *homeless*. To use that word to describe their housing choices is an insult to every person in America who really is homeless and sleeping in their car or on the streets.

2. If you are so shallow and selfish that you would never consider sharing a home with your in-laws under any circumstances  then you are seriously lacking in compassion and real family values.  I pity both your husband, whose family you are disrespecting, and your children, whom you are teaching that family loyalty is non-existent. The lessons you are teaching them now is that  you will turn your back on them once they leave home. Oh yes - you cannot  count on your children in your old age as you have taught them to turn their backs on you by the way you treated their father's parents.

You are  a hyporcrite as you write and decry the lack of family values in America while advocating the worst kind of family hate. By disrespecting both the  concept of multi-generational homes which was the norm when America and its families were stable  and ignoring the real family value of helping each other when there is need you are advocating the dissolution of the American family.

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