6 Great Ways to Cut All the Kid Clutter!

I think there are parts of minimalism that really appeal to me. Less stuff equals less clutter, right? But unless you're super dedicated to that sort of endeavor, the reality of living with kids sets in fast, and before you know it you're tripping on Tonka trucks and finding broken crayons on the bottom of your purse. With that in mind, I've put together a few good inspirations to help you kick the kid clutter to the curb (or storage basket) where it belongs.

The first? Use painter or washi tape to hang some of your child's best artwork rather than letting it sit out on the counter or clog up a drawer. It's a great non-permanent way to display their creativity at the cost of a few rolls of tape and zero damage to your walls. 

See more ideas like this below:


I feel like the tiny objects -- crayons, beads, pencils, and other small items -- are my nemesis when it comes to clutter. That's why I really dig the idea of storing them in jars. You could up the charm factor and Superglue some spray painted animals on the lids, or just leave them be. Either way, a place for everything and everything in its place means no more random colored pencils rolling around on the table.


Add some casters to a plain bookshelf unit, drill some big holes for buckets, and you've got a catch-all for just about everything. Buckets for the little stuff and shelves for books and toys. 


Old lockers make for superb storage if you're lucky enough to find some (I once asked at my favorite antique store, and they scouted some for me on their next buying trip. I'm sure you could do the same!) Plus, I love the industrial feel they have. Don't forget about filing cabinets, either -- they're good for more than holding folders!


Take advantage of that space under the bed and turn it into storage. Track down crates, bins, and baskets with a low profile. I've even seen people put casters on old drawers so they can easily roll under a bed. It's wasted space otherwise, so you might as well put it to use and get all that stuff off the floor!

Take your storage vertical by adding hanging shelves for books or other treasures. Storing books and toys this way opens up more floor space, and less stuff on the floor means less stuff to trip over. Total win!

So there you have it -- I hope that's enough ideas to get your gears turning. I want to hear if you have any other great ideas for cutting the clutter in your kids' rooms. Tell me in the comments below!


Images via Johnny Valiant, Craft Gossip via Brit.co, Home Portfolio, Welke, Apartment Therapy, Simplified Bee

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