Tip Jars Are Showing Up in All Sorts of Strange Places & They Need to Be Stopped

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Is it me or are tip jars everywhere now? Remember the days when tips were the province of restaurants and bars? Okay, yeah, you tip your cab driver, the guy who brings your bags into your hotel, your doorman on the holidays. But now it seems like you're supposed to tip everyone. I mean EVERYONE. I've seen tip jars in drug stores, hardware stores, rental car places, even a doctor's office. Are you kidding me??!!

I just went to a major food franchise and at the register was a big plastic tip jar. It read, "Have the Courage to Encourage a Tip."

Yeah, how about the courage to pay your employees a living wage? This is the kind of food chain where the cashiers are merely ringing up your prepackaged salad or sandwich -- they don't make anything. And if you want soup, drinks, condiments, or even utensils, you get them yourself too. In other words, you do all of the work, but the cashier gets a tip merely for ringing you up. Hell, cashiers don't even count back change anymore. They don't even look at a price tag anymore. They just put the item under that little scanning thing, it goes bleep, and then they stare dully at you. Half the time, you have to say, "How much?"

Nor do I appreciate the subtle hint that I'm not "courageous" if I don't tip. Hey, I'm courageous enough to say, Screw your tip jar!

Yes, I get it that people in these types of jobs don't make much money. How is that my problem? The sandwiches are expensive enough. The CEO no doubt took home millions last year (this is a major worldwide chain), so why isn't he sharing his profits with his employees? How is it I have to pay $8 for an overpriced sandwich (we're not even talking one with meat) and then root around to dig up yet another dollar for a tip?

The first place I remember seeing this is Starbucks. Five bucks for coffee and you still have to tip? But at least at Starbucks, the servers make somewhat complicated drinks.

And, yes, I know what it's like to have jobs like this. I worked at a pizza joint. I worked at a major chain pharmacy. I've worked at restaurants. Sure, I would have enjoyed a tip, and in some of the places, I did. But I would have better liked a livable wage with some health insurance. Keep your tips if it means getting that.

This tip jar thing has officially gotten out of control.

Have you seen a tip jar in any strange places?


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LostS... LostSoul88

I see a tip jar almost every where I go now and I refuse to tip. They are already at least getting minmium wage which is $7.25 is most of the US. If they think it;s not enough and they want more money. GET ANOTHER JOB!

Esmeralda Negaard

I used to be a waitress and I was terrible at it so I never really expected tips. So when we go out if the waiter/ress is good and hard working we tip but if they leave us alone and forget about us (which one did for an hour and a half and our food was disgusting) we didnt bother. If you want a tip, work for it, don't demand it.

corri... corrinacs

I understand this from both sides.  I think there are times where tips are mandatory....like at a restaurant.  If you got fairly good service, tip them!  They literally make $2/hour.

It's easy to say "get another job" but unfortunately that's not the answer for everyone!  Maybe they are in school and scraping by now so they can have a better future.  Maybe this is the only establishment they can even get transportation to.  There are many reasons why people end up working where they do....and its never our place to judge.

Now, for tips in places where you get your own food, etc.  I don't tip.

But I do feel its disgusting when I see workers making minimum wage while the CEO's and higher ups are making millions if not billions!  Costco, Wegmans and Whole Foods are beating the numbers and one of thier main business practices is PAY YOUR EMPLOYEE WELL and they will WORK WELL FOR YOU!  It's not rocket science :/.

Guest27 Guest27

When I was a teenager, I used to be a server. At that time, minimum wage was $7.25 plus tips. I received tips, but it was never expected. I always thought tips were up to the customer. However, that being said I've lived in states (CA, HI) where tips are in addition to the minimum wage. To my understanding there are other states that the minimum wage is near $2 because tips are included as part of their wage. (?) This link shows how much tipped employees make in min. wage: US Minimum Wages for Tipped Employees

I do get confused when to tip because now when you pay for anything by credit card, there is the space to include a tip. Am I supposed to tip a to-go order that I stand around and wait for, or am I supposed to tip a pizza shop where I am carrying out? 

Vegeta Vegeta

I think if the person did you a luxury service (like making/bringing out your food, carrying your bags, or cleaning your hotel room) they can get a tip. cashiers at stores and stuff didn't really do you a favor (even though the things I said that deserve tips were also only doing their jobs, being a cashier isn't really a service that they did for you. (alot of stores have self checkouts now that do their jobs). I'm on the fence about cab drivers.. cause they're basically more direct expensive bus drivers (although my bil would love you to tip him lol. do people tip bus drivers?) 

BlueC... BlueCollarMom

I tip for carry out atApple-bee's because I don't have to get out of the car.  They bring my order right out to me when I call it in.  The only other exception for take out is small mom and pop places because when I open the bag I have all the plastic ware, napkins and dinner mints there.  Then its only a couple of bucks depending on the bill.  We are good tippers and the service we get when we go to our usual places is astronomically good.  But for carry out pizza and to-go orders you have to stand around and wait for I don't tip. 

LadyM... LadyMinni

The only people I tip anymore are waitresses and delivery drivers. Other people get paid at least minimum wage, but these two groups do not.

nonmember avatar Shandeigh

amen. Tipping needs to go the way of the dinosaur.

danit... danithegreat

Me & my husband are normally very good tippers at least 20% we've even given a waitress who didn't serve us a tip because a huge table gave her NOTHING. But there are places I just don't understand why I should tip. Say I go & pick up a pizza using my gas then sit there & wait. I don't see why you get a tip for just making me food that's what I am paying you for. 

Mousuke Mousuke

Having worked in the food industry, I more than appreciated the tips I received for my hard work. I remember noting at the time that for every one person who tipped, three would not. With that knowledge, I tip generously--baristas, restaurant staff, hotel staff, live music performers, bartenders, cab drivers, valets, etc. And I DO tip for take out, because many restaurants split tips between servers and cooks, and I want the person who made my pizza to get their fair share.

The "get another job' comments are unreasonable and uncalled for. Not only does the job economy make it difficult to get more desirable jobs, but maybe the worker in question is also in school and needs a job with flexible enough hours to accomodate their classes.

When paying cash, toss in the change. If paying for your coffee with a card, round up to the nearest dollar. Not that hard.

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