Claire Danes' New Home Will Be Perfect When She Has Baby Number 2

claire danesShe must have wanted a bigger pad to accommodate her growing family, or at least that's one explanation for Claire Danes' new $6.8 million townhome in New York's West Village.

Claire, her husband Hugh Dancy, and their baby boy, Cyrus, are already settled in the new pad -- and it's not too shabby for a small family of three.

With beautiful views from the rooftop garden, the three-level home offers plenty of room to spread out, and considering it has five bedrooms, it's hard not to wonder if Claire and Hugh will add to their brood and fill them up with more kiddos down the road.


The house also features an open kitchen and dining area, and offers generous outdoor space with a courtyard and terrace -- something that's pretty hard to come by in New York City.

But even though she's a celebrity, I was struck by how homey and un-celeb-like the photos of the interior of the home are. It's cozy, appears "lived in," and looks like somewhere any regular family would be happy to call home.

I can't say that I blame her for buying a place that's bigger than what she and her family need at this point in time. Once you have a child, moving is an even bigger hassle, so it's ideal if you can find a space you can grow into as opposed to having to move every couple of years to accommodate more kids (or in-laws, or a dog, or whatever.)

And based on what a swanky piece of property this is, I doubt she and Hugh will ever plan on moving, unless, of course, they decide to head to the west coast and do the whole L.A. thing. But as far as NYC goes, they've definitely found themselves a real gem.

Did you move to a larger home after having a baby?


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