'RHONJ' Star Jacqueline Laurita May Lose Her Home -- We Blame Black Water


rhonjThe Real Housewives of New Jersey might need to call in a backup because cast member Jacqueline Laurita and her husband Chris Manzo might need to move out of town. Word on the street is that the enormous mansion they may or may not have been ever able to afford is going into foreclosure. According to TMZ, Jacque is being sued by Hudson City Savings Bank because she missed a mortgage payment of over 10 grand in February 2012. Back in 2007, she took out a mortgage of $1.6 million on the home.

According to the terms of their contract, if she misses one payment, which she did, the bank has the right to foreclose.


Good news is, if Jacque's on good terms with Teresa, she can ask Mrs. Giudice how to handle the bank coming after your assets. Though Teresa would have the world believe that everything's hunky dory, it's likely she and husband Joe, who, by the way, is probably going to serve some serious jail time after turning down a five-year plea sentence, have suffered some major financial woes over the years. At one point, they owed so much, they were literally selling off everything in their home, including the stove.

Sounds like Jacque's already taken a page out of Teresa's book of denial, so the auction seems like a logical next step. Oh! And did I mention she also owes New Jersey $340,000 in back taxes?

Here's a thought. Maybe her husband Chris shouldn't be tossing their money behind literally one of the dumbest ideas I HAVE EVER HEARD: Blk Water.

It's water, but it's black. Would you like to a pay a premium for dirty water? His genius nephews Albie and Chris Manzo threw their weight behind the idea, which is fine, because they're young, but Jacque's husband should've known better. Way better.

Who knows why they're in the money mess they're in, but one thing's for sure: I'm positive at least some of her cast mates will use their situation against them. Let the Jersey games begin!

Do you feel sorry for Jacqueline?


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