8 Fantastic Day Trips the Whole Family Will Enjoy This Spring

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open roadNow that winter is fiiiinally behind us -- please let it be safe to say that?! -- we can start locking up the skis and snowboots and start enjoying the more temperate weather. And with that weather comes the ability to travel much easier and the desire to get out and play! You've gotta admit: Some beautiful springtime days are just designed for a day trip.

Here, 8 day trip ideas for you and your loved ones that are perfectly fit for the flourishing season ... 

  1. Visit an outdoor museum. Taking a drive to visit your nearest botanical gardens or sculpture parks/gardens can be the perfect way to see the season in bloom. Look for spring blossoms like tulips and daffodils.
  2. Step back in time. Checking out your area's local historical sites (think colonial Williamsburg, Washington, D.C., or one of the first settlements nearby) can offer an opportunity for both parents and kids to explore and learn.
  3. Head to a state park. Whether you plan to hike, bike, or just enjoy the greenery, there's nothing like reveling in the great outdoors on a beautiful spring day.
  4. Or try a county park. And have a picnic near a waterfall or pond!
  5. Go down to the shore. If an ocean or lake is driving distance away, who says you can't head down there before Memorial Day? Laying on a less crowded beach in April or May can be even more blissful than in July or August!
  6. Check out an interactive science exhibit/museum. Great option for a rainy day! Liberty Science Center in New Jersey or the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory in the Wisconsin Dells are just two examples of fun family attractions that encourage education and fun at the same time.
  7. Spend the day at an amusement park. A given -- especially if you and the kids love thrill rides!
  8. Giddy up to a riding stable ... for a family horseback riding lesson. 

Where would you like to go on a day trip with your family?

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Leele... Leelee1008

oh boy, your from Jersey arent you? lol you said shore... 
thats ok, im From Delaware, we head to the beach alot in the summer... well when we can. We have a few mesums and a zoo we can visit 

Madel... Madelaine

Good ideas for trips!

Bmat Bmat

These are fun ideas.  We have done most of them.

count... countrygirlkat

We still have a lot of snow here but this summer we will do lots of fun things.

mrswi... mrswillie

We head to Washington, DC

TerriC TerriC

We go to the mountains and walk around a resort up there that is just beautiful.  We also have a historic National Battle ground close by that they love to go to.

GwenMB GwenMB

We are getting 6+ inches of snow today - winter is not behind us! lol

Most of those ideas don't work well as we are at least a several hour drive (if not several days) from them.  We will be going to our local state park this summer, though.

MamaB... MamaBear2cubs

We go to Amusement parks pretty often.

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