Playboy Bunny Home for Sale & You’ve GOT to See This Pool! (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Apr 11, 2013 Home & Garden

Playboy bunny houseThere are loads of celebrity homes I would dream to own. That unreal Italian-style villa Kim and Kanye West just bought? Definitely. Tiger Woods' $60 million waterfront mega mansion? Sure, twist my arm. One house I'm not running to invest in, though, the Playboy house. But hey, if that's your cup of tea -- you're definitely in luck! Because the Playboy Bunny house is up for sale for the casual, low low price of $11 million!

The 6,690-square-foot mansion went on the market just last week. Featuring 6.5 baths, 5 bedrooms, the perfect oasis waterfall, pool and spa, over 1.3 acres of land -- it doesn't sound all too shabby.

Can you imagine the kind of people who are gonna wanna move in? The sick, twisted fantasies they may have? Really, nothing screams "I'm the luckiest man alive!" more so than living in a home that was ridden with massive tatas, parties galore, and fluids. Shudder

But hey, the pool is AMAZING. Check out the digs, here:

Seriously, can you not imagine just lounging by this pool for hours on end. Sun in your face, bikini on, not a care in the world. With a Bloody Mary on a Sunday morning, I may just be able to ignore all of my thoughts on what has happened in the pool. Mmm, horseradish.

Would you ever think about buying the Playboy Bunny house?


Image via MLS

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