Soldier Surprised With New Home From Tim McGraw but That’s Not All He Got

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american flagThe crowd at the Party for a Cause at the ACM Experience at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas got to witness a couple of very special moments on Saturday night. First, Dierks Bentley brought Sheryl Crow up on stage as a surprise guest, and she sang a duet with him, along with her hit song, "If It Makes You Happy."

Pretty cool, right?

Yeah, it was, until Tim McGraw showed up and totally outdid her.

Tim attended the show for one reason in particular -- to donate a home to a solider and his family through Operation Homefront.

Army Sgt. Mathew Pickard had just returned from Afghanistan, and Tim told him he'd be receiving a house. And if that wasn't generous enough, he also presented him with a check for $10,000 from the Academy of Country Music's charity, Lifting Lives, to help him and his family get their lives started in their new home.

Sgt. Pickard then took the microphone and said thank you, but admitted he really didn't know what to say. (Can you blame him? Who wouldn't be speechless after a moment like that?)

Wow. Receiving the gift of a house from a major country music star definitely isn't something that happens every day, so you can only imagine how amazed he must have felt. And the moment had to be so thrilling for the members of the crowd too. I know I would've been jumping up and down and cheering, and probably would have teared up a bit.

I can't think of any more deserving recipient of a home than someone who fights for our freedom and keeps us safe and sound every single day. It's so wonderful that there are organizations who dedicate their efforts to helping out members of our military, and it's even more heartwarming when big stars like Tim McGraw take the time to get involved.

We can't ever thank these brave men and women enough for all they do for our country, but I guess giving them a place to call home on our own soil is a pretty good start.

What do you do to thank the members of our military?


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Dona Crow

Wow Love Love this! There's not enough words in the English language to express my graditude to those who have served their country, past, present and future, selflessly.

Cathy Sanderson

I thank them every day ,especially when I am looking for pictures of my grandson in Afganistan. I also pray every day for all the soliders.

nonmember avatar mrs.J

This is so awesome.. I am a proud Army wife and I am so very thankful for every man and women protecting our great country.

Jeanette Hicks Kosec

I absolutly adore our military. All the men and women that show thier love for country through actions, not just words. I make sure everynight I pray to God to bless our troops no matter where they are. Bless their families and to hear thier needs and requests, and heal the one's that are dealing with the loss of a loved one, that gave thier life for freedom. 


Fay Dean

My daughter is a drill Sgt in south Carolina,she has served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan,you bet i love our troops.

nonmember avatar Amanda

My husband was medically retired from the USMC last year. I love that they did this for this is deserved. However I am tired of people saying thank you for our freedom and protecting us. What they are doing has nothing to do with our protection or freedom.

Kathay Palmer

I don't feel that I do enough but I contribute on a constant basis to The Puppy Rescue Mission.  This brings dogs and cats that the soldiers save from horrible abuse,  They become their precious pets and have such love for them.  The PRM provides funds and brings the soldier's pet home to the USA.!  It's a wonderful organization and an honor to be able to contribute.  Every little bit helps and being an avid animal lover myself with 2 rescue dogs and 3 rescue cats, I'm so happy to be able to give back - even a little bit. 

Laura Honer Smith Keiser

Thank you Cpl. Keith Richard Smith U.S.M.C. For helping keep us safe and free. Be safe Love you always and forever MOM

Myra Robinson

I think it is so wonderful that Tim and anyone else can do this for our men who have served. I wish it was like this when my man served in Viet nam,back then,when he came home and walked through the airport,he was spit on.he had to kill some kids when he was there and that is why he was so badly treated. now when he wears his Viet name cap at some places we go,he is appreciated,people thank him for his service.but those kids were nice one minute and shot you the next.

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