Dog Eats $500 and Patient Owner Has a Brilliant Plan to Get Reimbursed

dogIf anyone reading this is friends with Wayne Klinkel, please give him a hug on my behalf. After hearing about his harrowing tale of betrayal, theft, and dog poop, I just wanna embrace the man at the center of the saga. You see, it all started when Wayne, his wife, and their dog, Sundance, were on a road trip to visit their daughter in Denver. When they pulled over for a bite to eat, they left their trusty and beloved 12-year-old golden retriever in the car.

When they got back to the vehicle, they noticed that the $500 cash they had in one-hundred-dollar bills in the cup holder was suddenly missing, and that Sundance was the likely suspect.


The dog's expensive taste cost the couple a lot of money, but it's Wayne's patience and determination to retrieve the cash that makes this story so memorable. I mean, any dog can eat half a thousand bucks, but not every owner will knock down the door at the Federal Reserve and the Treasury department to get the money back.

After witnessing Sundance's digestive system at work for more than a decade, Wayne knew she wouldn't be able to break down the money, so he waited for her to, you know, take a giant crap.

Then, he meticulously sifted through the stuff using soap and a strainer and found about two bills worth of the $500. Then, his daughter sent him bits of bills she found in her yard after the Denver snow had melted, and wouldn't you know, it was almost enough to re-create the entire loot.

Now, most people would've chalked Sundance's fancy taste for hundos up to a funny story to tell the grandkids, but Wayne turned it into an awesome story to share with everyone because, folks, turns out you can get reimbursed by the government for damaged bills.


To all you owners of money-grubbing pets out there, or parents of tear-tastic toddlers, let it be known that there's hope if your loved one should eat a stack of bills, or practice their ripping skills on the cash you left out for the babysitter.

Learn something new every day.

Has your pet or child destroyed some of your cash?


Photo via POHAN/Flickr

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