5 Ways Moms Could Love Minivans Even More

minivanLast week I wrote about the new in-car vacuum system Honda is offering in its new minivans, and I've been fantasizing about it ever since ... every time I open my door and clouds of goldfish crumbs start swirling. While I won't be enjoying such brilliance anytime soon, it did get me thinking about how much better my minivan could be.

Oh it's pretty awesome already. I have absolutely zero shame in driving one either. I have plenty of friends who refuse to cave, who feel like it's the last straw of their identity that would send them plunging into suburban mom mode forever. Personally, I'll take comfort and ease over my pride any day ... especially when it comes to my ride. But, like I said, it could be even MORE comfortable and convenient. Here are five more features I'd add to minivans that I bet would have all those Range Rover moms caving in an instant.


1. A built-in refrigerator

Mine has a "cool box" which is great for a few drinks, but I'm talking one that's big enough to hold a gallon of milk and a pound of chicken breasts. And it should work even when the car is off. 

2. A sound-proof barrier that can be raised between the front and back seats

I've loooooong dreamed of this and can't believe no one has offered one yet. The fighting, the yelling, the horrible "Gangnam Style" song played over and over ... all silenced, with the flip of a switch.

3. A massage feature in the driver's seat

Busy moms deserve this. Imagine the bliss in carpool line, or the relaxation that could be yours while you wait for soccer practice to end.

4. A built-in trash compactor

So. much. crap. All the time!

5. A coffee maker

Okay, I'm dreaming here, but it sure would come in handy. And we could keep the cream in that refrigerator.

If you could design the minivan of your dreams, what would you include?


Image via High Tech Dad/Flickr


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