Jennie Garth Shares How She Saves Money as a Single Mom (She Even Clips Coupons!)

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jennie garthAttention coupon-clipping moms, your new frugalista BFF is here. Jennie Garth is spilling her money-saving secrets for coupon site RetailMeNot. I know what you're thinking -- SUPER, it's another Goop with totally unhelpful lifestyle advice from another celeb who sleeps on a mattress made of money every night. Tips for two-for-one Manolos? Gee. Thank you for that, Internet.

But wait! You may be confusing Jennie with her Beverly Hills 90210 character, Kelly Taylor. Wait until you hear where she gets her daughters' clothes!

In her first post, Jennie says, "I'm no Beverly Hills socialite." She talks about growing up in a big family (six kids!) on a ranch in Illinois. They grew a lot of their own food and her mother tried to feed the family on $12 a week! She had her three daughters at a relatively young age by Hollywood standards. And as we all know, she recently became a single mom.

Is Peter's Twilight payout trickling down into alimony? Does she still rake in some dough on 90210 residuals? Yeah... probably. But she says she gets her daughters' clothes from a major women's fast-fashion chain famous for its ridiculously low prices. And she orders books pretty much the same way the rest of us do (looking for that free shipping). Can you picture Jennie clipping coupons? Neither can I, but why not?

So hey, bring it on. We'd love to hear more about how Jennie saves money and stretches her dollars for those three growing girls. We'll have to stay tuned. 

Are you surprised to hear Jennie shops at some of the same stores you do?
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Josh Lincoln

Found a great CHEAP site for K-Cups. The cups average around $0.51 per cup. That is at least $0.10 cheaper than anywhere I’ve been able to find. Plus I found a 5% off coupon and Free Shipping. Just use the link and code below:


nonmember avatar Kathy

This is embarassing for her. She is NOT a single mom. Last I read they are co-parenting. She is a single woman co-parenting. Which means her ex pays for half of the expenses and gets the kids half of the time. I also watched her reality show where she lived on a 10 acre ranch with horses. So now she's "clipping coupons"? i dont buy it. And if I did I would use a coupon. As I am legitimately in a place where I use coupons. So my feeling is... some company pays this millionaire actress to say she uses coupons and she says she uses coupons. And insults single moms like me by calling herself a single momwhen she gets support from her husband who also has money. Its also insulting to people like me who need to use coupons for their family to live.

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